Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RAK #12

The weeks around Christmas are filled with people taking time off  and I thought I would have an easy time placing today’s RAK on someone’s desk.  I headed over to the end of the building at 7:30am and was encouraged that the lights were off.    I was going to turn down an aisle and saw someone sitting there with just the desk lights on.  Next, aisle same thing.  Then someone standing around talking with a co-worker.  I kept walking, checking out a couple more cubes and saw that although the main overhead lights were on, people were working in the dark with just their desk lamps.  Quickly I developed plan B and walked to a different part of the building.  Luckily, in this corner, there was no one there.  Placing the body butter covered in a Christmas type box on her desk, I quietly slipped away.

You have received a RAK
Pay it Forward
Have  a Great Day
Besides this blog, I haven’t kept a record of who has received something. As the number of recipients increase, the possibility of forgetting increases and I started a list. I over-estimated the ability to remember everyone and had to scratch my head a number of times and then came up with one extra person.  Darn.  That means that my count is off.  Looking back through the list I found that I repeated RAK #8.  So this RAK becomes #12 (don't look for RAK #11, it doesn't exist but there are 2 - #8's instead.

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