Friday, January 15, 2010


Good luck to all te PF Chang runners this weekend in Phoenix.  The weather looks like it will be beautiful.  If it wasn't so darn expensive I would consider signing up and running it at the last minute.  Not wanting to pass up a great shopping opportunity for running stuff, I am planning on going to the Expo.  After all, I only have 3 of each item and may need more.  Actually since compression socks are the IN THING this year I'm hoping to find some deals on compression socks and I love getting all the free stuff that is handed out at the booths.

Its been a tough week and I'm glad that its over.  John, being a sweetheart brought flowers home.  I feel a little guilty though that since I had a meltdown (actually 2nd one of the week and it was only Tuesday) and was having a terrible day that he felt I needed flowers. I love them however and appreciate his thoughtfulness.

There was a big meeting at work the last two days and many "important" people flew in.  Only a couple were from the snow area to actually appreciate the warm, beautiful Arizona weather.  Anyways, we have a brainstorming session and all I can think of is Family Feud and want to start clapping and yelling "Good Answer! Good Answer!" And you should hear the 5 minute long discussions on if something should be plural or not or changing the wording of a sentence to mean the same thing but with a slightly different nuance.  Gosh, us accountants are totally anal.  I love and hate these meetings. I love the meetings because there is free food.  I hate the meetings because I can't resist the free, unhealthy food that includes candy, cookies and potato chips.  My will power lasts for about 3 long hours and then I hover over the candy bowl like a cat protecting a live mouse held under its paw.  Don't touch my candy or I'll scratch your eyes out! Once I start eating candy, I don't stop and even the guilt of thinking of the extra calories doesn't stop me.

Ever wonder how many times in a day you feel guilty?  In 2 paragraphs I've used the word guilt twice but felt it many more times.  The definition of guilt in Wikipedia is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or believes - ACCURATELY OR NOT- that they have violated a moral standard and is responsible for that violation.   In other words, based on my set of beliefs, when I feel I've done something "wrong" I can take out the mental baseball bat and hit myself over the head a bunch of times.  Do you have your own baseball bat or do you have the guilt thing under control?  If you do have it under control I think you're a LIAR.  No, really, I think some people learned at a younger age that your thoughts affect how you feel and I'm just a late bloomer (but I'm really good with that baseball bat)

I have been tagged by  Kathy and AJH to list 10 things that make me happy.

  1. Being able to run
  2. Going to race expo's and getting PR's
  3. A purring cat (although my one cat keeps sleeping on my laptop and is frustrating me greatly by doing so) 
  4. Having the house to myself
  5. Having all the rentals rented
  6. Having time to read
  7. Camping and being outside in nature
  8. Hearing someone laugh authentically.  Its always contagious.
  9. Having fresh flowers in the house
  10. Sleeping without having cats wake me at 4 am.
And last but not least, Katye is having an awesome giveaway and you get even more entries with a donation to Team in Training. I'm eyeballing the Bondi Bands, the Recipe Girl Cookbook and the water bottles.  Check out her giveaway.

Happy Running!


Jill said...

Love your list. I'm relishing in #4 right no as I have the day off work and my kiddos are at school (score!!). I feel guilt all the time ... I think it's embedded in some people though and I can't just stop. Glad your tough week is almost over - Happy weekend!!

ESH said...

Did you make it to the expo? I just got back and thought it was SO GOOD! I got a ton of cheap tri gear and gu. Yum.

LookingUpAgain said...

I too feel guilty all the time. It drives me nuts. I hate the feeling and I too think it is "embedded" in my nature.

My husband brought me flowers because I too had a bad week. Let's hope that things are better next week.

ajh said...

I laughed at your last item. One of my cat's feels it is his daily duty to wake me up in the morning. He comes up and pokes me until I respond by petting him. It is actually quite annoying but I love him dearly in spite of it.
I also like the house to myself although I wouldn't like too much of it.
Enjoy the weekend! Thanks for doing the 10!

Carol said...

Oh - I am LOVING your weather here!!! Can I say that loudly enough?? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your weather!!!!

OK, went to the expo. Bought a couple headbands and a new bottle carrier. Lots of compression stuff so you should just hunt down the best price.

April said...

Did you find good deals on compression socks? The expo was great! I alway feel like a kid in a candy store! I will have my full race report posted by Wednesday when I get back home!