Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obsession Season Opens

Today I’m officially a month away from the marathon and officially declare obsession season open.  Prior to one month the obsession had to be kept in check but now… I can let my mind run wild.

This is the second year of IMS Arizona Marathon, which stands for Integrated Medical Services and it happens to be one of two marathons occurring on Valentine's Day.  Because its still in its infant stages and the competition from the Lost Dutchman Marathon run on the other side of Phoenix area, the field size is pretty small.  Last year there were 105 finishers and this year there are 150 entrants, so far.  The good thing about the small field size is I have a chance of placing in my age group (although the 40 year age group is really competitive.)

The race touts to be green which means they will have recycling for the water bottles along with some other green things.  Honestly I don’t know why all races don’t have a spot for recycling bottles.  It would be so easy to have two cans, one for trash and one for recycling.

The website says the following about the marathon…
As the sun rises across the starting line, marathon runners will be inspired by the magic and beauty of the desert terrain and fauna.  I'm not all hippy dippy and can't think of anytime where I have been inspired by the magic of cactus's but I suppose it is possible.  The course is supposed to be flat but I can’t find any elevation charts and from what I've heard the course is on the boring side.  I should drive over to Glendale and run part of the course one weekend.  

The website also says at the finish line the festivities begin at 10am and are in a "finish-line setting like no other".  I'm expecting Mel Gibson or Colin Firth to be at the finish line is it's truly like no other.  But what I want to know is will there be food?  Will there be muffins?  

Awards are given to 1st through 3rd for all age categories along with master awards.  It says they are award certificates which I interpret as there is no bling.  No Bling?!!!  The cost of the race isn’t astronomical like other marathons so that is where they save their money. I will get a finisher medal so not getting an additional medal for an age group is ok (assuming that I'll place)

Although it is a month away, the weather prediction is low 43 and high 71.  Ideal racing conditions.  

Stay tuned as I give updated weather posts and I obsess about what pace to run. 

Happy Running!


kilax said...

That sounds like a nice, low-key race! I usually prefer the ones with less entrants. The half we are running in May only has about 2000 people (well, last year).

Running Through Life said...

A race that small sounds really exciting! I think the 40 year old age group is one of the tougher groups as well. Good luck with training and race day wiil be here in no time.

Katie A. said...

Bring on the countdown! I like small races, sometimes you get that extra treatment you weren't expecting. Good luck this last month! :)

The Road to LA said...

Your mileage shows you're doing the work. I'm sure you're going to do great. Obsessing about placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is a god thing ;-)

Anonymous said...

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ajh said...

There's nothing like moving up an age group to make aging work quite well. The 50+ age group is often not as competitive so I do fairly well at races. I have had two age group awards at marathons (trophy and plaque) which thrilled me beyond belief! I hope you have the good fortune to place as well! I loved your month away report. What marathon is this for you?

Johann said...

Everything about this sounds good. I'm sure the run will be as well.

lindsay said...

sounds like a good event! maybe the age group certificate is a gift certificate... :) personally i like getting a non-traditional award for age group awards. i don't need another plastic-gold trophy like the ones you got from playing soccer in 4th grade. i've gotten some cool pottery and a beer mug before - at least you can put that out in your house somewhere without looking too vain, lol.