Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm still on Cloud 9 over my marathon finish and qualifying for Boston. (picture by  Next up is Ragnar Relay the last weekend of February.  I'm van captain for van #1 and we get to start the race in Prescott, Arizona.  At 6pm Thursday night, Ragnar sent an email changing the requirement of 2 night vests to 4 night vests.  Basically at night they want all the team members, not just the runners, to be wearing a vest.  This new requirement will require a little bit of scrambling to get the extra two vests.

Now that I a Boston Qualifier (woo hoo!!) I changed my tag line.  I'd like to find some great running quote to put up but for now it is "Having met my quest to qualify Boston for 2011, I will now run aimlessly striving to improve my running."   What is your favorite running quote?

Hopefully the "aimlessly" part won't last for too long.  After the Ragnar race nothing is planned.  John and I have talked about Whiskey Row Half in May but we may find something else too.  After Ragnar I'll spend some time figuring it out.   Another problem with the "aimlessly" part of my training (or lack of) is my eating.  In 4 days time I have managed to eat all the chocolate, cookies and cake that I forgo the last few weeks of my training. The Girl Scout Cookies, the yummy thin mint ones that taste great right out of the freezer were consumed...make that inhaled within 3 days.   Eventually I'll get tired of chocolate, right?

Happily I'm not too sore from the race and went out for a run Thursday morning.  I guess I'm more tired and sore than I realized.  I intended to do 4 miles and revised it down to 3 because my legs are pretty tired and have various aches.   I will run on Saturday but continue to take it easy so I recover for Ragnar.  The 16 miles at Ragnar next weekend will be challenging.   Running 16 miles in one shot is probably easier than running it in 3 parts over 24 hours leaving plenty of time to get sore. That is part of the fun of the relay.  That and not sleeping (hahaha)

Have a great weekend and happy running!


ESH said...

First off, keep that BQ high alive! Way to go qualifying! My excitement hasn't waned since I got my BQ months ago...

Second, have a blast this weekend! I am obsessed with these team relays. I just agreed to join another team yesterday! It will be a blast. And, I think as long as you take the legs easy enough and remember you are still in recovery mode you will be fine and not suffer tooo much soreness. HAVE FUN!

Johann said...

You should be on cloud 9! Stay there as long as you want.
Running at night is always fun and different. The relay sounds like lots of fun.

lindsay said...

you definitely have to relish the bq feeling :) it is awesome!

here's just one quote i like.. though there are many!

This is not about instant gratification. You have to work hard for it, sweat for it, give up sleeping in on Sunday mornings."

Anne said...

That BQ is amazing...hope you manage to stay on cloud 9 for months to come!!

Have a great time this weekend...that relay sounds crazy (in a good way) :)

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

That is so exciting that you did so well at the marathon! 16 miles sounds tough so soon, but you'll probably breeze right through it!

Jenn said...

You should still be on cloud 9!! Hope you have a blast with Ragnar! I stopped buying the thin mints 3 years ago. Absolutely no will power when it comes to those!!