Saturday, March 27, 2010

Podcast Review - The Race Report

Joe, with The Race Report, wanted to give podcasting a try and loves race reports.  He loves hearing race reports on other peoples podcasts and reading race reports.  Race reports are beneficial to the running community and can really inspire people while giving other runners tips on what to try and what to avoid.  And hearing runners struggles can help runners not feel so alone as they go through their own challenges.  Joe combined his two loves, podcast and race reports, creating an awesome podcast about race reports.  Joe says " I thought if I could create a podcast that focused on runner's race reports, in their own words, it would inspire all types of people to run! " He wants to record race report from people all around the world and has done 5 episodes and is looking for more people to share their race stories, either current or prior races.  You can email your race report and he'll read it on his show or you record your race report and he'll play it in his podcast.

I heard about The Race Report on Phedipidations and Joe put out a request if anyone wanted to do a race report either record their own MP3 or he could interview them.  Still being on my IMS Arizona Marathon high, I sent him an email and we set up an appointment.  I called into Talkshoe, which would record the call; our conversation flowed easily and  before I knew it, time was up and we were saying goodbye.

I have to admit that I have not listened to my race report yet because I don't like to hear my own voice. Maybe I'll listen to this one.   I did listen to other episodes of The Race Report and really enjoyed listening to Joe's story and his running history.  Launching into his inaugural race report of his first marathon his race report was moving.  I realized that I too love listening to race reports.  It is so motivating and exciting to  someone's race report that it makes me want to sign up and run a race.

Joe is all about inspiring others to run.  He says "I really love to talk about running.  Once I started running, I found that all I wanted to talk about was running.  Funny thing is, non-runners aren't as excited to talk about running.  So I found another outlet...the podcast.  Now I can talk and I know if anyone is listening, they must care about what I am saying.  Also, when I first started running, I downloaded a podcast called Phedippidations.  That podcast was with me through many a long run.  I could only hope I could inspire in the same way. "

Joe's favorite part about having a podcast is talking to other runners that have achieved something great.  And he knows that ALL of us have achieved something great.  Consider sharing your race report and help inspire another runner.  Sharing your race report is really easy and talking to Joe is like talking to an old friend while out on a run.  Check out his great podcast, visit his blog Blog of a Middle Aged Athlete or send him an email to share your race report at joe at middleagedathlete dot com.  Let me know if you do a race report and I'll link to it in a blog post. 

You never know who you'll inspire next!


JT said...

Christina, you are awesome! Thanks for sharing your story with me. You really should listen to your episode, though. You were quite good!

Keep running and I'll see you in Boston in 2011!

Burt said...

Hey Christina, Thanks for the heads up. I will defiantly give a listen.

Burt said...
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