Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm off today (woo hoo!) and will work on unpacking and paperwork.  After dragging out the move for weeks, we ripped off the band-aid and finished moving.  Here's what happened..

  1. Show my house to prospective renter on Sunday night
  2. Renter implies that he wants the house on Friday
  3. John and I look each other and say OH CRAP and begin feverishly packing, arranging truck, housekeeper, carpet cleaner to be out Thursday.
  4. Communication with potential renter becomes spotty but finally on Wednesday he says he's renting a different house.
  5. We still move everything on Thursday (day before Ragnar race)
  6. Saturday, after Ragnar race, show house to another prospective tenant, who needs it ASAP and takes possession on Monday.

Although we were screaming while the band-aid was ripped off  I'm glad that it is done. So now comes the process of figuring out where everything goes.  John may disagree but I think I'm doing very well on identifying stuff to give to goodwill.  We've already made 3 trips to Goodwill and I have another 2 boxes ready to go.  It is so unsettling to be in a state of flux when unpacking.  Soon life will be "normal" again (whatever the heck normal supposed to actually be).

I have made progress towards my 101 Things List including add a blue, pink or purple streak to my hair.  Using permanent hair color added a dark fuscia, probably more of a red to my hair for Ragnar.  Since that wasn't dramatic enough I also used blue, which was temporary but the pictures don't show off it well. 

Alice and Chuck also opted for blue hair.

Now that the marathon and Ragnar is done, I don't have running plans.  I think I switched over to the eating plan because I've put 4 pounds on in 2.5 weeks!  Ack!  I've signed up for a Crater Lake 13 mile run in August but don't have anything else on the schedule. If I don't have a goal I'll continue on the eating plan.  Train for 5K's, which there are an abundance of?  10K's, which there aren't as many?
 What do you think I should focus on? Have you been in this situation? What did you do?


Staci Dombroski said...

Glad you got some renters! Have a great weekend :-)

JoannaRuns said...

Thanks for stopping by, Christina! You're WAY ahead of me on miles for the year, and now I'm curious what Ragnar is. Love race recaps!

Katie A. said...

Just getting caught up on some posts! Your Ragnar posts are great! I am doing a relay in May and you got me all excited! And lots of fun ideas! I may pick your brain soon!
Love the RAK' are awesome!
And as for the renters, congrats. We have a rental home and it is always so stressful when trying to get it rented - each time we have to I am always swearing we should sell! LOL! It's hard being a landlord!!

Rob said...

Pick a race. Helps keep focus. Looks like you have Whiskey Row, Ragnar, Crater Lake on the list.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it just seems like you have a lot on your plate right now. Moving so sucks! But it sounds like you guys have it under control. I am sticking to 10Ks and 1/2 marathons (attempting one every other month). But you are a kick ass runner so you can do marathons with no problem!

ajh said...

Good for you to be getting rid of stuff. I seem to be concentrating on half marathons. Just find some races that look fun or new. I love new races.

justagirl said...

My mouth is still hanging open from all the work you managed to complete. Holy Cow. I'd be toast!

I love the stripes in your hair! Very cool. :o)