Thursday, April 1, 2010

10K-uestions - Phoenix Running Examiner

I get so excited when I get my 15 seconds of fame.  I've been on a couple episodes of Runners Roundtable and most recently the podcast The Race Report.  My newest 15 seconds of fame is I've been interviewed by Eric Rutin from Phoenix Running Examiner and his series 10K-uestions.

I met Eric through Linked In and after a series of emails he asked if he could profile me.  Me?  An average, ordinary runner?  Heck yes!  Doing a little dance I was excited to get another 15 seconds of fame.  His questions were many (probably so he could throw out the bad ones) and took some thought on my part.  One question I thought was silly and figured my answer wouldn't make the cut was what do I have on my ipod playlist and what's the most embarrassing song.  I told him my favorite song was Take On Me by A-Ha and that I'll listen to that a couple times in a the repeat button gets stuck.  I didn't tell him my favorite video was also that song. Imagine my delight when I got to the end of the interview and in addition to a slideshow of pictures was my favorite song and video.  Woo hoo!  I'm listening to it as I write this (hitting the repeat button too)

Check out my interview, slideshow and FAVORITE video at Phoenix Running Examiner


RunKathyRun said...

Wow, I'm first :-)

What a great article and I loved the photo slideshow at the end.

Congrats on being a celebrity!

Anonymous said...

wow - found out some new things about you. I liked the article and the nice fotos....but seriously A HA ?? ;-)
What's next ? A TV interview?

akjenniekt said...

Great interview :-)!

justagirl said...

This is AWESOME!

And I can't believe it, that song was on my iPod for the longest time. It is always a good day when the windows are down in my car and that song comes on. I get all happy and energetic in my chest! This is so COOL. I could seriously listen to it over and over again too.

Cheers to you and the 15 minutes! I hope you get many more. :o)

justagirl said...

Fantastic article! I'm so glad you blog about your passion. Christina you are really amazing and an inspiration.