Friday, August 20, 2010


Have you seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love?  I wish I had read the book to know if the movie stayed true to the message that was sent in the movie. Overall I really enjoyed it.  I loved the fact that she traveled and she was able to find herself but it was a Hollywood movie that glossed over the true anguish someone would go through.  One scene that had me sniffling was her conversation with God and through the painful tears she asks God what to do.  Just tell her what to do she said through her tears.  Oh, how many times I've been there and yet God was silent.  One line that I liked was smile through your liver meaning smile through your whole, entire being.  I believe that if you practice smiling through your liver, it will flow out through your life.  Now, I just need to practice that and see what results I can gain.  Another line that I liked was she doesn't need easy, just not that hard. Again, how many times have I wanted life to just not be so hard.  To hell with the comments" its not the destination its the journey."

Two years ago I had 3 plantars warts removed and no, I didn't kiss a frog! ( I can hear Jamoosh and Adam making funny comments already).  The hole in my foot was 1.5 inches wide and 1/4 in deep.  It was very, very gross and took me a long time to recover. Two months ago I discovered a new wart. It was very small but I know what those suckers can do.  They can grow and multiply and take over the foot making one giant wart foot. I tried the duct tape removal method on the new one but I didn't apply it consistently so had zero results (not sure if I believed it would work in the first place. )  Making an appointment with my podiatrist was the next step.  The timing for the appointment was great because it was right after my Crater Lake Rim Run and in-between races.  When the doctor discovered a second wart, I twisted into a pretzel to see the new invader.  Darn it!  He was right.  I now have two small holes in my foot from having them burnt off (skipped the freezing and went straight to the burn).  It's sore to walk on and I hope to run again in a couple days.  In the out...I'm grumpy.

My next big race is a half marathon on November 7th. I want a PR.  There, its now out there and I now have to be accountable to all of you.  Give me the tough love and don't let me slack.  To meet this goal I have to do  my speed work and my goal runs.  I also want to strengthen my core and lose some weight.  November is really close and I need to get seriously focused if I'm going to meet this goal.  I have one more week of travel for work and then I should be able to eat better and not be tempted with the desserts (I have a big sweet tooth).  My goals are:

  • lose 5 lbs.  Eat small meals and no fried food. 
  • core work 3 days a week
  • One goal paced run of 6 miles a week and incorporate goal miles in my long run.
  • One speed workout a week
  • Create a running schedule and follow it.
Happy Running!


Adrienne said...

I haven't seen Eat, Pray and Love. But I can answer you this my dear friend Christina. It made me sad to hear you say that God was silent when you needed him. If God always told us what to do we would be like little children and wouldn't grow very much and learn from our mistakes as well as our heartaches. I truly believe God answers prayers but usually not in the way we expect. Most the time we have to decide what to do for ourselves then kneel and ask for confirmation on that decision. If we have a stupor of thought it's likely not the right decision, but if we feel peace than perhaps the decision we came to on our own is his answer as well. I hope your feet feel better soon. Good luck on your goals. We need to get together one of these days.

Ewa said...

Good luck with following your goals. That is often my problem.
I thought kissing a frog makes it into a prince. :)
I read the Eat, Pray and Love book and can't wait to see the movie. I know the scene you are describing will make me cry. So true.

Black Knight said...

Interesting goals, I am sure you will succeed in following all of them. Anyway in november I will run a half too. The first after the motor-bike incident.

Kim said...

I read the book, but haven't seen the movie. Really loved the book, and we're going to Bali in January!

Lesley said...

I haven't read or seen it, but both are on my to-do list!

Like your goals! I'm doing the weight loss thing and the speed workout, but need to remember to do the core workouts on a consistent basis. I'm bad about that because my coach doesn't schedule them for me, I'm just supposed to do them! Last week was a total bust for me in that area.

Which half are you doing?

LookingUpAgain said...

Yucky warts! I was a wart-princess as a child and I know your pain. Thankfully I haven't had any for a long time. My those little suckers stay gone this time :)

lindsay said...

no fried foods is a good one! those are good goals and you better believe i will be on your back making sure you do speed work for that pr :)

i had warts when i was younger but i guess they were never that bad 'cause my mom just used OTC stuff on them?

Mark said...

Great goals! The loss of five lbs can make a huge difference! I'm trying, too!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about the warts! I've never had them but they sound painful. :-(

I haven't seen Eat Pray Love yet, however I did read the book. After I see the movie I'll let you know if I think it stayed true.