Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gazillions of Bugs

It was ME verses the BUGS today on my morning long run.  Swarms of gnats and bugs hung out by the trees and even by the telephone poles.  If I would see the swarms I would dodge to avoid them.  At least 3 bugs met an unfortunate death down my throat as I coughed, hacked and attempted to spit it out.  Finally only washing it down with water would get rid of the bug stuck to the side of my throat.  Watching me run must have been humorous.  Picture a a crazed woman running down the canal waving her arms and weaving while coughing.  The bugs are coming!  The bugs are coming!

Today I considered running to a 5K race and running home but John didn't want me running up 7th street and plus the total miles would have been too high.  I ran 10 miles total but on the way back something happened to my Garmin, probably because I was hacking up a bug and hit a button turning off my Garmin.  Either that or I just plain forgot to hit start again.  My paces out were 9:17, 8:16, 8:15, 8:17, 8:26.  On the way back I picked it up a little bit and probably ran 8:10's.

I've decided to revise my goal pace to 8:10's. The 8:00's weren't happening and I was getting discouraged.  I hope if I can run 8:10's in training, then on race day I can hit the 8's.  And if not, I have another half in February.

Happy Running!


Forward Foot Strides said...

Eeep bugs! I find when I run by the water they're really really bad. Not so much now that's it's cooling off around here though!

ann said...

wow! those are quick times. good for you! all that protein/bugs you are eating is paying off :)

Ewa said...

Maybe your Garmin swallowed a bug too.

Mark said...

Thanks for swinging by AND leaving your mark. As far as PIMNWS (Post Ironman Now What Syndrome) goes, I am pretty sure it is exactly the same for marathoners. You know.. that completely psycho thought that make you think about setting a new 10k PR, just a week after running Ironman. NOT good.

Beer Good. Fire bad.


Giorgio said...

Don't worry Chritina, your average pace will improve slightly.
While you were running you didn't need protein/bugs :)

Nave a nice training!

Post scriptum: thanks for your last comment on my blog and your kind words.

The Green Girl said...


Adam said...

Gross!! I hate it when they are like that. Too much wind today!