Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap-Up
Only 70 more miles before I hit my 1010 mile goal for the year.  Last year I was running late at night and pushed it to the end of the year before hitting my goal. 

I had an awesome trail run Thursday evening.  A bunch off gals (I only knew one person and she ended up not coming) were meeting for a ranger led night hike up in Cave Creek.  Before the hike I met Lynda and we ran the Go John trail.  It was quite strenuous with lots of hills but then towards the end was an awesome downhill on a wide, clear path.  I was flying in the cool, dusk desert.  Shortly before the downhill section of the section I see something in the trail.  Up to that point a gazillion lizards had darted across the trail.  This was darker, bigger and slower.  I stopped to take a look and it was a tarantula walking across the trail.  It was so cool.  I told the ranger we saw a tarantula and she said we were very lucky and it was probably a male looking for love.  I didn't take this picture but it looks the same as the one I saw.

Monday- My intention was a 6 mile goal. The reality was a hard, slow 3 mile. Just wasn't feeling it that morning.
Tuesday- 3 sets of 800-600-600. I thought I was supposed to do 4 sets.  At the start of my 3rd set I just didn't know if I would be able to do one more.  I was elated when I discovered the workout was only 3 sets. 
Wednesday-  off day
Thursday-  Go John Trail Run 6.8 miles at 11:12 pace
Friday -  Off day
Saturday- 10 miles.  Besides the warm up mile, the pace was probably about 8:15ish (I forgot to restart my Garmin at the turn around point)
Sunday-  7 miles on the trail. I went to the visitor center, got water, and headed back. About 1/4 mile away was a girl crying talking on the cell phone. I stopped and asked if she was ok. She was out hiking with her dad and brother and they got ahead of her and she was lost. I walked back with her to the parking lot and dad came and picked her up.  

Total Miles for the week 32.21

Eating:  I give myself a D again. The desserts continue to be one of my downfalls. I did pass up jalape├▒o potato chips and pass of birthday cake at work so I should give myself a D+.  I didn't even limit myself on the chai teas either. ~sigh~

Core: Got in one day of core (but not all the exercises) and one morning with a minute of plank and 10 pushups. 

Goals for the next week: I haven't written down goals for the next week but maybe that will help me stay on task

  • 2 days of core with plank, pushup, monster walk, single leg bridge and crunches
  • 3 chai teas
  • No desserts, cookies, candies
Happy Running!


Giorgio said...

I think you had a nice run on Saturday: the average pace of 08:15is good, although your goal is 08:00.

I've never met a tarantula walking across the trail :) Last week Chris, a blogger friend from Canada, met some bears along the running path! I sometimes met rabbits while I'm running and ... dogs. Of course dogs attack!
Have a nice week Christina!

The Green Girl said...

That's so funny that the tarantula was looking for love!

Ewa said...

I love tarantulas. I am not kidding. We have a tarantula festival in nearby park in Oct and one can hold this amazing furry critter.
Good luck reaching your goals for next week (you know, mostly those 'no sweets' ones).

lindsay said...

had to scroll quickly past that photo so i missed the first few sentences lol. what's a monster walk? i'm off to google but you should post a video ... :)

RunKathyRun said...

Chai Tea lattes are the best; I absolutely love them, but I work to limit them as well :-) Keep writing the goals down, I do think it helps us be accountable.

Candice @ I Have Run said...

70 miles and more than three months left to go! Awesome!! Have a great week!