Saturday, September 18, 2010

Running Challenge Question- What would you want in an Ultimate Goody Bag?

On November 7th I'm running the Women's Half Marathon in Tempe, Arizona. The turnout for this first time race is going to be large and I continue to run into women that are signed up.  I signed up because it has the coolest medal and the inside can be worn as a necklace. How cool is that?

The race also advertises the ULTIMATE GOODY BAG.    
An ultimate goody bag has to have more than just advertisements for future races and flyers for gyms. The trend has been less goody and more paper that gets tossed as soon as you take off your shoes after your race.  Aquafor and chapsticks aren't even standard fare anymore.  When I ran the PF Changs Rock n Roll a couple years ago they didn't even have anything cool in their goody bag. So that leads to my question.  What would you want in an ultimate goody bag?  For me, an ultimate goody bag would have a chain (for my new finishing medal necklace), running socks and chocolate.  Oh, and having a technical T, rather than a cotton T shirt insures that I'll continue to wear the shirt for running and workouts and essentially help them advertise future races.

What kind of goodies would make it an ultimate goody bag for you?

Happy Running!


Adrienne said...

Okay that medal looks really cool. In my ultimate goody bag it would have something like--Free babysitting services, chocolate, magic ten years younger pill etc. etc. :)

runningwithababyonboard said...

If it's a all women's race, there should be something for the ladies in there. I would love a GC for a nice sports bra or at least a huge discount. Definitely chocolate, some kind of workout head band (Bondibands are my fave), and would it be a crime to ask for a bottle of wine, too? :)

Andrew Opala said...

a PR

Forward Foot Strides said...

That is seriously the best medal ever!

Honestly in a goody bag, all I want is a technical shirt.

I ran a half that had some food and goodies in it, but just a plain cotton shirt, and I am all about the technical shirt!

Beyond that I'm in it for the medal, and the food at the end, so the goody bag isn't too important to me.

I suppose chocolate wouldn't hurt either.

ajh said...

I love the medal. I like a tech shirt, never a cotton. I like a woman's fit tech shirt. I also like chocolate, a gc I can use, free entry to another race by the same promoters and I love waist packs of any kind.

The Green Girl said...

Definitely a tech shirt that comes in plus sizes for us big girls. So tired of shirts that are too small.

A Bondi Band would be awesome - I think it would be great exposure because I think they are so amazing.

I like samples of food - not sports nutrition, but food. Some of my favorite things that I've gotten are dried plums, dried fruit snacks, and cereal. I tend to throw away things that look overly processed.

I also love small towels that I use to workout.

A sample of Kool 'n Fit because I love their sample size.

Samples of things like KT tape or Phiten are always cool to try out.

Zaneta said...

oh how fun!! Im running the one in nashville next saturday!!! :) The medal for that race is a music note!! I liked that they have a charm in the middle that you can wear as a necklace, but think it would've been cool for them to include a chain in the goodie bag instead of us having to buy one for 10 bucks at the expo if we dont have one! I am looking forward to the race though! All women, ultimate goodie bag, sweet medal, and my first half marathon!! Nervous cuz it's the biggest race i've run by ooo... about 6000 or so runners lol ;)

Jamie said...

that is one cool medal. i would like that in my goody bag. I'm with you on the no more paper ads. grr. anything in addition to the typical shirt makes me happy.

Johann said...

That is a very nice medal for a woman's race. I always like to get a long sleeve t-shirt or sometimes a golf shirt instead of the normal t-shirt. I also like to get something other than a medal. I’ve had, beer mugs, beer glasses, wine glasses, running gloves, caps, hats, coffee beans, small trees/plants and even a bottle opener.

Chris said...

Hmm...definitely food items, socks, a head band, definitely a tec-tee, water bottle, I like random stuff, so free meal coupons, I dunno...anything but just a bunch of ads and 10% off coupons...LOL