Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap-Up
The weather continues to be in the triple digits and cools down to the high 80's.  I love the warm weather but come September and October, I'm tired of it.  I'm waiting for the cool mornings and evenings, even if it still hits 100 during the day.  This week Wed and Thursday are in the mid 90s but otherwise the temps are still in the 100's.  It doesn't look like the break in weather will happen this week.

Monday- Tempo run.  John ran with me and was a little surprised when I took off.  I hadn't shared the goal of the mornings run and he thought it was my usual shuffle.  My goal was 7:45's and while the pace slipped, I feel good about the run and overall pacing. Warmup mile then 7:49, 7:45,7:53,7:59,8:09
Tuesday-  Track was a ladder going down. I'm feeling more comfortable to not run with the group in order to shorten my recovery times.  The downside is that I'm running alone rather than with someone who may be a similar or faster pace than me.
1600m - 7:23
1200m - 5:25
800m - 3:31
400m -1:38
400m -1:36
200m  -46 sec
200m - 46 sec
Wednesday- Core work
Thursday- goal run- Ran 6 miles but couldn't get the pace down. This is surprising considering on Monday I was running faster.
Friday - Off
Saturday- 14 mile long run. Went well and I didn't worry about pace.  Felt strong still at the end.
Sunday- Off from running.  Went out on the boat and worked on upper body strength hanging onto the inter tube. 

Total Miles 31

Eating:  I give myself a D this week.  Breakfasts I get an A, lunch this week was a C, Dinner also C and snacks, F.  Hmmmm, we'll work on this.

Core:  Got in one day of core exercises while watching TV. 

Happy Running!


Andrew Opala said...

killer split time!

misszippy said...

Great numbers!

As to the temps--it will all be worth it come January, when the rest of us are stuck under a blanket of snow and shivering in our tights!

J said...

Great job on the ladder workout!! Great times!

Adrienne said...

That's a good way to work on upper body strength! Love it.

LookingUpAgain said...

Great job :)

Johann said...

That’s a very good week! You are training really hard. You will certainly reap the benefits later.

Ewa said...

Great splits but how can you run in those temps.
We've been blessed by cool summer in CA this year and what do you know, I couldn't run much. Darn!
Now with all that running maybe you are too hard on yourself in the food area.

Natalia said...

Ah Christina, you are just amazing. Great times, and you seem to be getting faster all the time....what is the secret of your success?

Chris K said...

I'm impressed with your Ladder intervals. Espcially the 800 time considering what you ran previously. Nice work.

Black Knight said...

Fast workouts, congrats!

Adam said...

Wow!! You're really starting to pick up speed. When it does finally cool down you'll really be able to hammer on it.

Amy said...

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