Sunday, October 3, 2010

Race Judicata - 5K

Today's 4th running of Race Judicata 5K is special to me because I met John at the race 3 years ago. My version of the story is I was waiting for my age group medal, made conversation with someone, nice to meet you and I was on my way. Later that night I received an email from John after he realized I was older than I looked.  His version is I searched him out with a pork chop look and he followed up on that.  Regardless, he had to do some hunting on the internet to find me.  It was either creepy or meant to be.  3 years later I'd say it was meant to be.

  • This is a great race because all John and our lawyer friends are there. 
  • I did get two medals one for winning my age group and the other for 2nd female
  • I did run faster than my previous 5K's this summer.
  • At the beginning of summer I wanted to get a PR again at this race (I did great last year) but I'm no where close to where I want to be running. My legs don't remember how to go fast. 
  • 23:15 
  • Splits 7:18, 7:25, 7:23
  • 2nd female overall; 1st in my age group
  • Last night I wanted my first mile to be in the 7-7:10 range.  I knew I couldn't maintain it but wanted to run a fast mile and then keep pushing myself. I revised it to 7:15 at the start of the race because I wanted something more realistic. I didn't hit my goals.

  • I told myself to push it. Try and get out of my comfort zone.


  • The friends are ruthless to each other and who gets a medal and who doesn't. 
  • In my goody bag was the t-shirt, a flashlight (only one of our bags had one), pen, golf tees (the lawyers love to golf I guess), mirror and sticky notes. That's pretty good for a 5K.
Happy Running!


Adam said...

Nice!! It is too bad that you weren't able to get your PR, but I think that the awesome swag that you scored makes up for it!

Too cool about the 3 year old race meet up.

The Green Girl said...

Aw, happy 3 year meeting anniversary - that is so cool!

Adrienne said...

So a 7:18 isn't fast? Your nuts! 2 medals is awesome!

Black Knight said...

A great loot, congrats!

lindsay said...

That's awesome that you guys met at a race and he stalked you. Well, the stalking part is only cool because he didn't turn out to be psycho. Stinks about the time goal but you still did well (and 2 awards don't hurt). Next year!

Ed said...

Couldn't it be both creepy and meant to be? Haha! Great story. Glad you had a good 5K. Congrats on your stats and goodies!

Anonymous said...

I love that you and John met at this race.

Great job on your results!