Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap-Up
The best word to describe this week of running is discouraged. Compared to last year at this time, I'm slow and it's not coming back. I'm frustrated and feel like I've been putting in the running but I guess maybe I haven't been commited to the paces and the work. It's time to reset and make achievable goals and then I can revise them.  The biggest thing I have to do is quit comparing myself to my times before. I am where I'm at and comparison only hurts me.

Next week I'm in the Grand Canyon over the weekend so I'll get a running break and then when I come back I want to work hard. Plus, the weather should be cooler.

Monday- off
Tuesday- track 5x1000  4:30, 4:25, 4:21,4:32,4:34
Wednesday- easy 6 on the canal
Thursday-  I only made it out for one workout of the South Mountain hills this summer. But it was good.  4 hill repeats at just over 1/2 a mile.
Friday - off
Saturday- Started at 6am and it was warm. I was grumpy. Ran 13.4 miles. Wanted 8:30 pace did 8:43
Sunday- 5K Race Judicata 23:15

Total Miles 35.12

Eating:  Probably a C.  I ate jalapeno potato chips for lunch and went to dinner to Italian the same night and I did not eat healthy.

Core: I've been much better this week with Core. I'm making sure to do planks and got in one monster walk.

Goals for the last week

  • 2 days of core with plank, pushup, monster walk, single leg bridge and crunches - for the most part I met this goal. I did more core work through the week

  • 3 chai teas - I thought I had put down 2 chai's for my goals and was disappointed I had 3 but look....I put down 3. Woo hoo
  • No desserts, cookies, candies - I was very good and had zero desserts. Even today my mom was going to make cookies and I told her not to. And the other day there were donuts at work. I love rainbow sprinkle donuts.
Goals for next week: 
-Get a 10 miler in before the Grand Canyon
-2 Chais
-1 Core
-Dessert will be ok in the Grand Canyon. I have astronaut mint and chip ice cream.


The Green Girl said...

I'm sorry you are feeling discouraged. I hope your trip to the Grand Canyon does the trick.

I love astronaut ice cream but someone told me they don't really eat it and that really burst my little bubble.

Ewa said...

Hope your spirits will pick up soon. Maybe a short break from running is just what you need.
Enjoy your Grand Canyon trip and maybe you can do some RELAXING trail running in the area. Nothing fast, just have fun running and enjoying the views.

Adrienne said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself. You accomplish so much girl it's amazing. Never look back! Forward is the only way to go. Have fun in the Grand Canyon.

Black Knight said...

A little break from running will help to recover the right spirit to come back your normal standard.
Don't worry and think positive. Enjoy the Grand Canyon trip (I was there 10 years ago).

chris mcpeake said...

Dont get too discouraged, you will bounce back. Have fun in the grand canyon

Jennifer said...

Keep your spirits up! Bad weeks come and then they go. I believe they are here to remind us just how good the good ones really are! Have fun at the Grand Canyon!

Johann said...

Hang in there and don't be hard on yourself. Things will get better and then you'll be stronger than before. Have a great week!

misszippy said...

Maybe this will help--you won my Running Chics giveaway! Send me your address and size and I'll send it off to them!

Ed said...

You are hardcore as hell! I give you a lot of credit. Don't get too down on your self... it's hard to get back up and going again when you keep knocking YOURSELF down. Do like you said: Regroup, break, run like a champ. Make sure you smile while you do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Very, very smart on working on not comparing yourself, to yourself even. Just like anything else, we have peaks and valleys in our training from month to month and year to year. Don't push it too hard right now. What are your plans for Boston? Perhaps you can use that training cycle to really push things.