Thursday, October 28, 2010

Recovering and Running Chics

After Ragnar Las Vegas I was super sore.  It's probably from that last downhill leg where I showed myself no mercy.  John laughed at me as I hobbled about the house like an old lady.  Tuesday I ran a super slow 2 miles and started getting the kinks out. Tonights run was a faster pace but the legs are still letting me know they need more rest.  The women's half marathon is in 1.5 weeks so I better taper up well.

A couple weeks ago I won a giveaway from MissZippy and got this super cute shirt from Running Chics. I love the color and now that its cooling down I'll actually be able to wear it.  Thank you so much Miss Zippy and Running Chics.

Happy Running!


heather said...

The top looks great on you! Awesome score!

Jennifer said...

Nice shirt and great job in Las Vegas!

Johann said...

Rest and recover well! You must have pushed really hard in that relay. Have a fantastic weekend!