Friday, October 29, 2010

Guess My Finishing Time

 Guess My Finishing Time

It's the time you've all been waiting for.  Guess my finishing time for the Women's Half Marathon next Sunday.  You have one week to ponder and calculate what my finishing time will be.  And the winner gets....nothing.  A lot of recognition and congratulations.  Maybe I'll put a GU in a regular envelope and mail it to you. Ever wonder how much pressure the GU could hold up to?  Squeeze it through a bunch of postal machines and you'll find the answer.

This is me....striding through each and every run....effortlessly.

Actually if I ran track this is what it would look like.

Good thing I don't run track!

Here's some information to help you guess what my finishing time will be for the half marathon.  Please leave a comment with the time and if you had any logic behind your analytical answer.
  • I ran 20 miles as a relay at Ragnar last weekend and came out hobbling like an old lady.
  • My recent 5K times have been 23:30.
  • My original goal was to run 8's.  It's been revised to 8:15's putting me at 1:48
  • I have eaten anything with sugar today to celebrate the Halloween potluck at work.
  • My longest goal run was 6 miles and I missed by 15 seconds a mile
  • I struggled in the summer with the heat and it's supposed to be have a low of 57 and high of 83 day of the race.  Race starts at 7am.
  • My boyfriends birthday party is the night before.  Can I stay away from the margarita's?
  • I'm all about the bling.   
  • My PR from a year ago in the HM is 1:44.

What's your best guess of my finishing time?


Johann said...

Haha, nice track running there. I guess 01:58:13.
I used an old formula based on all the info you gave me - the guess.

P said...

Wow, I'm using the same scientific formula as Johann! I'm thinking 1:52:40.

Kiesha said...

Alright, I'll give it my best guess and go with 1:55:55. I took your PR and mixed it with all the info you listed and figured with a sugar high, no sleep, and a hangover, maybe you'll be so confused that you'll do great!

Christina said...

A sugar high is good as long as I don't crash during is good.

lindsay said...

well once you factor in the sugar coma from the halloween potluck and subtract time for the projected weather - you'll run a 1:51:15

RunKathyRun said...

I have faith in you and I am picking 1:49:33 - if "win" I'll tell you why I picked this time.

Good luck!

Jamoosh said...

I believe your chip time will be faster than gun time!