Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Five Great Stocking Stuffers for Runners

I love getting gifts in a Christmas Stocking. Don't get me wrong...I love all gifts but little wrapped gifts in a stocking are awesome.  My family tradition growing up was always an orange in the toe of the stocking and then other fun gifts filled the stocking peaking up over the top. My two brothers and I would wake up about 5:30am, sit around and watch the clock until 6am, (the acceptable time to wake up mom and dad on Christmas)  run downstairs, grab our stockings off the fireplace mantel (take a peek to see if our names were on any gifts under the tree), dart back upstairs, jump on our parents bed and open up the stockings. It was awesome.

Here are five ideas for your spouse/significant other to fill your stocking.

1. I love this book and it has gotten me out the doors numerous times. Coach I didn't Run because...Excuses not to run and how to Overcome Them.
This book takes a serious as well as lighthearted look at making excuses in health, fitness and life in general. A complete list of excuses would be endless but this book sure is a good start! Categorized lists facilitate excuse making. It's excuse making by the number! From the ridiculous to the fantastic, from real to imagined and from sad to hilarious... this book captures the very essence of excuse making.

Then, get serious and get over it. Learn three foolproof techniques for getting past excuses and just doing it. The book is spiced up with personal stories from every day athletes who just get it done. You will learn from their inspiring stories and realize that you too can be an excuse-buster!

2. Injini Socks $12 -$14 Each toe has it's own toe, like a glove but for feet. These are awesome socks that feel funny at first but help minimize blisters. The split toe sock is great if you love flip flops.

3. Road ID $19.99-29.99 This is a must for any runner.  Road ID is a small metal plate with your information that emergency personal can use in case you are injured. Road ID's come in many styles...bracelet, anklet, necklace or shoe. They also have an interactive version where you go online and enter your information and update as needed.  I have the interactive shoe ID and once its one my running shoe I don't think about it again. Its comforting knowing that if anything happens that I have my Road ID and someone could get my medical information and contact my family.

4. Headlamp. $15 and up If you run in the early morning or late evenings you'll like having a headlamp on the run. You can also use the headlamp for camping, backpacking, BBQ or just as a regular flashlight. We have a number of them around the house (although you can't find it when you want it). 

5. An entry into a local 5K.  There are a lot of 5K's on just about every weekend and most are fundraisers.  Get a entry to put into the stocking your stuffing and buy yourself an entry too.  You can enjoy the run/walk  together support a good cause at the same time.

Happy Running!


Ewa said...

I had no idea injinji had split toe socks. Just checked their website and they have compression socks too. I like injinji socks a lot. I have run in them, hiked in them for years and don't use any other socks.

Somebody has to get me this book. I could probably add a few chapters to it.

April said...

Great post, I'll have to forward it on to the hubs...I want that book!

Emz said...

YAY I love your list!!

I'm with April. I'm copying this baby!!

I need to read more. Love that one especially.

chris mcpeake said...

great ideas. I got to get that book for sure

Giorgio said...

Great post! I'll try to find that book.

Heather said...

I've got to get that book! never heard of it before, thanks for idea!

Johann said...

Nice list! I have a headlamp on my list this year. I better get it as I need it for my race on 8 Jan.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Oh I like the book, I've not seen that one and here I thought I knew all books about running

Adam said...

Road ID is a MUST. I didn't think that it was very important, but I figure that as long as I have it, i'll never need it. Good ol reverse phycology

The Green Girl said...

Okay, that headlamp is insanely cute.