Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jingle Bell Run - 5K

After Tuesday nights track workout I wanted to see if I could string all the 7:05 1600's together and run a great 5K.  I needed a Saturday 5K so I could still get in a long run on Sunday. After evaluating the 2 5K's available, I went for the Toys for Tots Jingle Bell Run in Glendale, AZ by  4 Peaks Racing.

When I pulled into the parking lot and saw all the cars my first thought was this isn't a small race after all.  It turned out there were softball fields with games already in progress and the race was indeed small.  I chose a small one for a confidence booster with hopes of getting some bling. 

All over people had on their santa hats or were dressed like elves and to add to the holiday cheer, at the registration little jingle bells were given out to attach to your shoes.  While I was registering a young couple asked if there was bag check and they were told they could leave it there but of course they weren't responsible for the bag.  When the gal said she was going to run with the backpack I offered to let them put it in my car.  They glanced at each other, exchanging thought of 'is this woman a crazed runner manic?', and said OK.  They were from Kentucky on winter break from college and wanted to get away from the cold.  They flew in on Friday, were running this 5K and a 30K on Sunday and flying home on Tuesday.  Oh, the life of a college student to fly somewhere for the weekend.
The design on the t-shirt is super cool
The course was flat and all dirt trail.  It was particularly scenic but a nice loop course.   I finished in 22:25, first in my age group and either 4th or 5th overall female.  As usual I went out too fast with 6:55 the first mile. I was feeling it too and having troubles catching my breath.  Then my pace slows and I couldn't make my legs turn over faster running a 7:24 and the last mile was a 7:20. While I'm pleased to have run in the 22's, I so wanted to run closer to 7:05's.  But this is a good starting point and hopefully by the end of the winter I'll have knocked some seconds off of that. 

Oh the couple that I met, he was super fast, running a 17 something and came in 3rd place overall. My age group award is really cool and something I could hang on the Christmas tree.  It's clear plastic with the same design as the t-shirt etched into the plastic.

Happy Running!


Johann said...

Great run! Congrats on the age group award! That's still a very good time!

Mark said...


Giorgio said...

Great time taken of 22:25 and first in your age group. Congrats for that Christina!
I'm sure that you'll improve your speed by the end of the winter.

I've just ran the Orbetello's 10 km Christmas race: time taken 45:26. I've enjoyed it although I haven't run fast.

Have a nice Sunday!

The Green Girl said...

Wow, congratulations on placing first your age group! Whoo hoo!

joyRuN said...

Congrats on the AG! Awesome time of 22:25 - I can't even imagine..

RunKathyRun said...

What a great Christmas present; AG bling! Awesome time too!

Adam said...

Congrats!! that is such a good run!! Love the glass medals too.