Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday Track Workout


Tuesday's workout was 4 x 1600's (4 laps) at a 10K pace. Hmmm, this is like my tempo run on Monday except I get a 2 minute rest in-between reps.  How would it go?  Better than Monday?

To start off I was wearing different shoes.  These weren't necessarily better shoes because I forgot to pack my shoes and had to pull out the shoes I keep in my car for those days I want to go run and have nothing with me ( that has only occurred twice over the last 4 years).  My first rep I messed up the timer on my watch but think it was about a 7:20.  Pretty good considering the day before the best I managed was a 7:50.

I really shouldn't knock the 7:50 the day before.  It was in the dark (but I had a headlamp), early morning (I was still sleeping), I was by myself (no one to chase after), and it was a true mile (compared to 4 laps which comes to 9 meters short of a mile).

Whenever I start a workout I wonder how can I complete the whole thing?  It's hard work running circles and maintaining the pace.  I just have to remind myself to take one lap at a time and it gets done.  The next 1600  I ran a 7:04 and the guy that ran a 7 flat on the first one, dropped behind me during the first lap. And I was worried if I'd be able to keep up with him when we started off together.

Rep 3 was a 7:02 and the last one I wanted to go for a faster time and did the first lap in 1:41 and purposely didn't check my watch on each of the following laps.  I should have because I could have tried to make adjustments.  I ran a 7:03 which is still really great.  Overall I'm pleased and ran my 1600's much closer to a 5K pace than a 10K pace and the level of effort felt good.

While I was running my circles I had an idea about a giveaway which I'll probably wait until the first of the year to start.  It won't be your simple giveaway where you write a comment, sit back and check your mailbox. I'm going to be a slave driver and make you work for the prize.  Your running will increase your chances to win.

Happy Running!

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Adam said...

NICE work on the 1600s. That is probably one of the harder workouts (in my opp).

I love to work for free stuff! Bring it on!