Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Recap - 6 weeks till Boston

It's hard to imagine it's only 6 weeks to Boston.  Considering two weeks ago I didn't run at all because of a hamstring strain, last week was a good running week.  I did go to a PT last week to get strengthening exercises and ASTYM treatments.  I'm still up in the air with the effectiveness of PT's.  I think what is good about them is you are forced to do the exercises you normally wouldn't do.  

I signed up for a photography class that I thought was on Saturday so I switched my long run to Sunday. I drove all the way over to Tempe to find out the class is actually on Sunday.  I had to fit my long run in on Saturday instead.  I'm very good with schedules and consistency and this change threw me for a loop.  I was in a tither about starting so late, running in the sun, running after eating, etc. After I realized it was practice for Boston, which doesn't start until 10am, I was ok with it and decided I could still have a good run.  Luckily the weather is still nice enough to run during the day. I had moments of soreness in my legs but really nothing unusual for a long run. The hammy did great.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday- 5 miles, easy and exercises
Tuesday- Track 5x1000's at 10K pace
Wednesday- exercises
Thursday- 6 miles 
Friday - exercises
Saturday- 15 miles 
Sunday- lazy bones oh, and exercises

Total Miles 31.50

Eating: Perhaps we shouldn't talk about this one.  I keep saying I will get better and yet I don't. I've put on the couple pounds I lost and keep thinking that when I ran my last marathon over a year ago I was 7 lbs light. The saying is 1 lb a minute in the marathon. Next week will be better. :) 

Core: I don't really count the exercises at the PT as core because he's all about the legs.  This is why I don't think this particular PT is good for me, as a runner. 

Goals for next week: 
  1. Record what I eat
  2. Run a strong track workout on Tuesday but also listen to the body
  3. Run a 20 miler next weekend
Pic from Ragnar last weekend. This guy was running in his underwear but the older lady who took his picture must have been embarrassed by his underwear outfit because she made sure she didn't capture that in the pic.


Ewa said...

OK, put big BOSTON MARATHON signs on your fridge and any other food places in the house. If you can feel fine with a late run after eating because you are thinking of Boston, who knows, maybe it will help you with healthier eating too.

The Green Girl said...

I love Ewa's suggestion.

I'm so relieved to hear the hammy is doing better. ::hugs::

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Good luck with the 20 miler scheduled for the week.

LookingUpAgain said...

Way to be flexible with your schedule. Getting those miles in anyway is what counts. Best wishes as you count down your days to Boston.

Natalia said...

Only 6 more weeks! Look after your hamstrings and pamper the rest of you. I am so looking forward to meeting you, and watching you run. Keep up the great work and following your training has been inspiring and encouraging! Boston will be awesome! BTW, I am doing the 5K the Sunday before the marathon....have you thought of that as a little warm up?

Anonymous said...

You are doing great! I'm so happy your pull is doing better.