Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road ID - Coupon Code(s) for Your Order

I'm a big fan of Road ID, which is identification you can put on your shoe, wrist or necklace. I've had the shoe version for about 4 years and it gives me a level of security that if anything happens to me out on the road I'm not some Joan Doe but I actually have a name and emergency contact information.  I attach it to my shoe and keep it one until I change into a different pair of shoes.
I've had multiple Road ID's for different shoes and a couple years ago switched to the Interactive version so when I moved, changed phone numbers, etc, I didn't need a new Road ID.  I bought one for my boyfriend and tell my friends about it since I think it's such a good idea.  I've also been known to stop on a run to talk to paramedics to make sure they know many athletes have Road ID's and they should look for it.

Recently I bought one for my friend and Road ID sent me an email thanking me for the order and a coupon code for my friends.  If you're interested in a Road ID check out their website.

Here are coupon codes for RoadID
-$2 off your order.  The code is ARR8768 and expires 3/31/13.
- free shipping a $1.49 value. The code is ARR6263 expires 12/31/13
-10% entire purchase pcRWDEC12 expires 12/24/12

Happy Running! 


Black Knight said...

Thanks for the information. I need new shoes ID.

SomerandDan said...

Did I mention to you how much I love my road ID? I never carry my cell phone or ID when running and I have always felt like a bit of a renegade that may be sorry some day. It is the best ever!

Shelspa said...

Thanks... It still works!

Unknown said...

Thanks... It still works!

MG said...

This code worked for me today. Thanks!

Deaf Warrior said...

Thank you for the road ID coupon code, it worked for me today!