Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gearing up for Back to Back Ragnars

I've been on the quiet side with blogging mainly because I have been concentrating on PT to get running again.  I'll try and expand in a future post about PT and ART, which is what made the night and day difference for me.  The main thing is that I'm running now pain free.  I was fatigued during the run and sore after the run but the calf/hamstring is good.

I'm leaving for Chicago Ragnar tomorrow and since I'm actually able to run I'm very excited.  I managed to pack everything in a large day pack, which is a feat in itself.  My total miles is 19 miles and my last leg is almost 10 miles, which does have me worried since my longest run in over a month was last night and was 5 miles. So much for the 10% rule.   I did email the team captain and reduce my pace down to take some of the pressure off me.  I'd rather under-promise and over deliver.

The following weekend is Wasatch and that race will be a blast since I will be running it with the same friends as last year.  Hopefully it won't be too cold because they got snow a couple weekends ago.

Anyways, that's it for right about now and I'll post soon about Chicago Ragnar and the craziness of the race.

Happy Running!


Chris said...

Wow, back to back Ragnars! Awesome.

Chris said...

Wow, back to back Ragnars! Awesome.

The Green Girl said...

You go, girl! So excited that you're able to run Ragnar!

Johann said...

That's great, enjoy!

Ewa said...

Can't wait to read all about it.

Giorgio said...

You're running pain free and that's a great news, Christina! I will be looking forward to reading about run Ragnar!
Have a nice time!

lindsay said...

have fun you crazy relay-er!

i know of a group trying to organize a team for ragnar TN, if you're interested :)

Black Knight said...

Glad that you are pain-free.
Enjoy the race and run fast!

Mary T said...

Back-to-Back, impressive! You are hard core.