Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Does This Skirt Make My Butt Look Fast?

The mail held a package from Running Skirts and I squealed in delight thinking it was a gift from my friend Somer. We often send each other running gifts because we both love running and shopping for running clothes.   Reading the enclosed letter from Cindy and Christy from Running Skirts, I was surprised I was chosen to review their products. Woo hoo!  I love running clothes.  I finished ripping open the package and saw a purple skirt and matching top.

All sweaty after my morning run
My very next run the following morning I put on the skirt and top.  The skirt didn't have built-in shorties so I wore black compression shorts underneath the skirt. Maybe if I were running a race and wanted to beat a bunch of guys because they wanted to run behind me, I would forgo the shorties. The shorts were a little long and showed at the bottom and John said I looked goofy.  (Note: I talked to Cindy from Running skirts and the skirt is a triathlon skirt intended to go over compression or swim bottoms.) The skirt bunched a little at the waist in the back but not substantial.  There are two pockets on each side have ample space and easily hold an mp3 player, chapstick, car key and GU.

I love the back of the top
The running top fit great and I love the argyle pattern and chris cross design on the back. The bra was padded with removable pads making me look like I actually had boobs.  The only problem with the padded bra is that it kept me warmer in the Arizona heat and absorbed my sweat. The bra must have weighed an extra 10 pounds holding all my sweat by time I finished running.

To complete my review I needed to see how it would hold up in the wash machine.  Had I paid attention, I would have noticed the complete care instructions inside the skirt.  Just a couple months ago I bought a fold-up clothes dryer and by pure chance I actually followed the directions to line dry the skirt.
Isn't the sassy "performance gear with girly-girl style!" fun?
The second time I wore the outfit I removed the bra pads, which came out easily and seemed to have held their shape well after washing.
Wash and wear  (before the run)
I checked out  their website and maybe I'll buy some shorties for underneath the skirt or wear it over capris in the winter or I can wear it out at the lake over my swimsuit.  The top will get lots of wear this summer and help keep me cool.  And when winter comes they have totally cute arm bands that match the outfit.

Happy Running!

Disclosure: The outfit was sent to me by Running Skirts for my review.  There were no monies received outside of the value for the outfit itself.


Giorgio said...

Beautuful and stylish running clothes! They are useful too considering the hot summer :)
Have nice runs!

The Path Traveled said...

I really like it, especially the back f the top. Very nice!

Jamoosh said...

Dammit - where's my fast butt shot?


LookingUpAgain said...

Oooh! Cute! I might have to break down and try those skirts :)

Raina said...

Cute stuff!
Did you say removable BRA PADS?? Dang...I'm there!

Adam said...

Very cool! That will help a LOT I would assume in the AZ heat. Looks good!

Black Knight said...

Beautiful clothes!
Usually in Italy we are the last to wear new running items but I begin to see many women racing in skirts.