Sunday, July 24, 2011

South Mountain Run

Today was silent Sunday at South Mountain and while my plan was to run up to Dobbins Point, I changed it at the last minute and ran the San Juan road at South Mountain instead.  In the summer the heat takes so much out of me and I if I wanted to walk already within the first 2 miles of the run, I knew I wouldn't fare well for the trek up to the top of Dobbins Point.

San Juan is rolling hills and the joke is it's uphill both ways when in actuality it's uphill on the way back.  On the way back I realized I was low on water and even though I knew John had extra water, I had a minor panic attack which affected my breathing.  Once we hit the top we took a short rest and I was fine on the downhill.

Two weeks ago my achilles started aching and for this run I used KT Tape on it. The only problem is I sweated so much that it started coming off from the top and the bottom flapping as I ran.  

Here's a picture of what my Garmin shows as my route.  I can guarantee you that I ran on the road but you can see how Garmin captures the data.  If you realize that Garmin isn't 100% accurate, you can understand how  the distance at measured races doesn't match what the Garmin shows.

Next week is my final long run before Crater Lake and I'll run South Mountain backwards to mimic the race. I'll make sure we get up earlier to get in more miles before the sun comes over the hills.

Happy Running!


Laura said...

I hate it when people think the Garmin should be 100% bang on in a race...
I am glad to hear someone else sweats off the KT Tape...mine actually stayed on yesterday but I think it was because I used rubbing alcohol on my leg before I actually applied it.

Giorgio said...

The chart shows that you had a tough run!
Run early in the morning and don't forget hydratation! Take care!

Johann said...

Good training for sure! I hope the Achilles is OK. Drink plenty (water) and enjoy the final preparation for Crater Lake.

lindsay said...

Noooo. Garmin is God. Garmin is always right.

(jk. Those people annoy me.)