Monday, February 27, 2012

Ragnar Relay Del Sol Uber Volunteer

My Saturday morning started EARLY. I arrived at exchange 30 in Fountain Hills for my SWAT (sweaty wet and tired) Ragnar position at 3:30am. The truck with our tents, tables, water containers arrived shortly after I got there and we were set up in no time.  Albert and I scoped out the gym for the sleeping area and rounded up the people already sleeping in the parking lot shooing them into the gym.   The time estimate showed our first runners to come through around 8:45 so I was surprised when I got a call that the first runner was on their way and if they arrived before 6:45am they needed to be held. Luckily they arrived at 6:56am and I didn't need to have the conversation they were too early and needed to be held for 2 hours.

Young Life held a fundraiser making pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches and first chance I got I had awesome, hot buttery pancakes.

Besides the medics running out of gauze after treating all the blisters, the day went well and was uneventful.   My volunteers, as usual, were fantastic and I even had one that showed up early and worked a double shift.  Talk about an enthusiastic volunteer!  I saw a lot of runners that I knew but was so busy I couldn't talk long with them.  At the end of the day when the runners and vans had thinned I chatted more with people and got to talk with Sesame Street, who get my prize for best costumes.
The Count, Me and Oscar the Grouch
They pulled up playing the Sesame Street tune
The Sesame Street gang skipping happily along
Happy Running!


Johann said...

Looks like you worked hard but had some good fun as well. It is always great to volunteer.

Ewa said...

Hurray for volunteers! Seems you had a lot of fun.

Red Hestia said...

Awesome volunteering! That gang really makes me smile. :)

Black Knight said...

Great pictures and the last is wonderful!