Sunday, April 29, 2012

Join me for the 2012 WordCount Blogathon!

I've lost my blogging mojo and when I saw my friend Jackie signed up for WordCount Blogathon challenge to post everyday I thought that may be what I need.  Committing to do something on a consistent basis could mean failure and I hate failure and the guilt I put on myself. Even if I have to write something simple like I was lazy and didn't run or blog, that would meet the requirement, right?

I'm hoping with the blogathon I find my blogging mojo again. I enjoy writing and during a run I think of lots of post topics. The problem is sitting down and putting those ideas down on the screen. It takes time to write and adding another thing on top of the already existing paperwork, grocery shopping, laundry and other chores gets to be challenging. 

So here's to 31 days of blogging.  Won't you join me?

Happy Blogging!


Giorgio said...

Great to hear you're back blogging, Christina! I love our world blogging community and I love writing running posts although English isn't my first language ... of course, I love learning more about English language :)

Black Knight said...

Welcome back to Blogland.
I hope to read again many posts of yours.