Monday, May 7, 2012

*5 movies that have inspired my writing (or blogging)*

The blogathon has themes each Monday and today is five movies that have inspired my blogging.
  1. The first movie to come to mind is Julie and Julia, which is a wonderful movie about about cooking and blogging.  Watching that movie made me realize I was part of a community and we shared many of the same concerns.  How much to share with the community, the responsibility to write and not let your audience down and how hard it is to keep up with the blogging and commenting and following other peoples blogs.  
  2. I often make reference, sometimes obscure, to The Princess Bride which is one of my favorite movies of all times. Often times a quote will pop up in my head but I don't write about it because I figure you (the audience) would just think I'm crazy. Imagine reading along and out of the blue you read "and you think a little head jiggle is going to me me happy?"
  3. When I saw the movie  Hood to Coast, it explained the craziness of the Ragnar Relays perfectly even though it was about a different race.  It also made me realize that some people truly train for Ragnar Relays and then others can go out and run it without training as it was a long run.  Runners come in all shapes and sizes and my blog hopefully can inspire some of them.
4. Spirit of the Marathon is another movie that spotlighted normal people that became runners. I have often thought of those runners, the shapes sizes, motivations and goals and I recognize there are so many different people out there that could read my blog.  From beginner to advanced runner and maybe, just maybe, I can motivate and share with someone so they too can feel the spirit of the marathon(or any race).
5.The final movie is another favorite, Medicine Man.  Ray Crane is out in the jungle, pacing, yelling in the rain "And Here I am" and she rambles on and on.  Although I haven't blogged much lately because I don't feel I have anything of interest to say to anyone, for this month I am taking on the "And Here I Am" statement and standing out in the rain to see what happens.
Happy Running!


Running Through Phoenix said...

Gotta netflix Hood to Coast, looks good. thx for blogging!

Barb Freda said...

I like movies that are about ordinary people doing the extraordinary (running a marathon, anyone??)--brought Lorenzo's Oil to mind--a mother does her own research and discovers a treatment for a rare disorder afflicting her son. Based on true story...

Maša said...

Love The Princess Bride! I totally forgot about Julie and Julia - it's such an obvious pick for a blogger. now I remember that I actually started to think about starting a serious blog after watching it!

Ari @ Ari's Menu said...

I LOVE Julie & Julia!! I really need to watch Spirit of a Marathon, and I didn't even realize there was a movie about Hood to Coast. I'll have to check that out too!

Anonymous said...

Julie and Julia, I forgot completely about that movie!!! I know after I watched it I thought I wanted to blog like Julie did: do something spiritual each day, had so many thoughts about that flying through my head; even now I think it might make a great blogger idea, 365 days with Saint Ignatius Loyola! Thanks for the reminder of a great movie and great idea.

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