Monday, May 21, 2012


Today is theme day in the blogathon world and the theme is Haiku's.  According to wikihow, a haiku is meant to be “unfinished” because the reader finishes the poem in her heart. I figure my poem is unfinished because I don’t understand poetry and have about as much haiku writing ability as my cat does. (Cat’s don’t have thumbs Focker).Traditionally haiku’s are often related to nature and the seasons and are serious instead of funny. If it’s funny it’s a ‘sentryu’ and not a ‘haiku’.  

So here it goes..out comes the fingers and toes to count syllables 5-7-5. 

1. Running Grumpy
Running. Isn’t so good
When the hamstring is pulled tight
Making me grumpy

2. Hot Summer Running
Summer heat outside
Slows down my pace drastically
Woman pushing stroller passes

Here’s something I wrote a couple years ago in a class

3. The Teacup
The child runs away
Towards the warm inviting house
Giggling with her friend

The wind blows gently
Moving the white speckled sand
Burying  lost treasures

Standing in the sand
Sun catches a silver glint
Pokes a spoon handle

Peaking from the sand
The saucer broken in two
Abandoned. Alone

The blue tea cup sits
Half covered in the cold sand
Awaiting return

How about you? Do you Haiku? Can you write a running haiku?

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CautiouslyAudacious said...

I write about running but never tried a haiku. Clever!