Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Brother Made Me Run Long

"Hey, I know a good 5 mile loop", my brother told me on my recent visit to Colorado. "Follow the trail, left at the ball field, left on the main road and left on the street towards our house."
He wasn't eager to go running with me so I headed out to follow the loop.
2.5 miles I came to a park with a ball field (and luckily a port-a-potty) and saw a dirt road off to the left.  The Private Road. Do Not Trespass sign didn't detour me because I figured that was part of the loop. 3/4 of a mile later when the dirt road kept going but there was a real road off to the left, I figured it was time to assume that I missed a turn.

My "5 mile run" turned into 6.4 miles because I can't follow instructions but it was awesome running in the nice cool Colorado weather. My brother said he was glad that he hadn't gone with me but had he run with me, I wouldn't have made a wrong turn so it's my brother's fault that I ran long.

Happy Running!

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