Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Morning Fresca

I gave up Diet Coke years ago and for the most part don't drink soda's..except Fresca's. The first sip of fizzy sweetness relaxes and calms and a hint of a smile forms on my lips. It's my crutch and I don't have Fresca's often in the house.  A week ago I bought a case and brought some to work and left at home.

Having the day off from work allows me extra time to run and relax.  At 5am John and I were up running the trails in the humidity under the cloud covered sky and at 8:30am, after thinking about the Fresca all morning,  I grabbed the soda and sat down at my computer.
I pulled back the pop top listening with anticipation the fizz escaping from the can
I lifted the can and took a sip
Horror crossed my face as I realized the taste wasn't right.  Everything was wrong.
I ran to the bathroom spitting the brown liquid out of my mouth.

John came in to see what was wrong.
"Ugh!  It's your beer and not my soda" I cried out. 
"That's my last beer" John replied sadly
" Well you can now drink it."  I pushed the can towards him
"But you drank my beer" he looked at the can with puppy dog eyes
"No, I spit it out"
John looked at the sink.  "That's even worse.  It's only 8:30am I can't drink the beer".
"Sorry, you could pour it down the drain" I walked to the kitchen to wash out the flavor of the nasty beer.
John followed me with his still sad face "But that's my last beer and I was saving it for the 4th of July"
"Well, it's the 4th of July and you can drink it now".

The bantering continued for a bit longer but the unfortunate thing is there are NO MORE Fresca's in the fridge and also no more beers (which I don't really care about anyways.)

I still have the beer taste and foresee a trip later to the grocery store for beer and Fresca to complete today's celebration of the 4th of July.

Happy Running and Happy 4th of July


Christy said...

Lol I enjoyed reading this post. Happy 4th of July! What WONDERFUL weather!!

Giorgio said...

Beautiful post, Chrstina!

I'd have to ask you something ... could I have your e-mail address? I haven't found it!

lindsay said...

Who doesn't love a good beer at 8:30am? Haha. What a disappointment when you were expecting a Fresca!