Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zombie Attack While out on my Long Run

I am not a zombie hunter.
I don't believe in zombie's.
Heck, I can't even watch scary movie trailers.
Zombie's aren't my thing.

I was running on the canal in Phoenix for my Saturday morning long run and saw a sign covered with blood.


I smiled, thought the sign looked great with all the blood and continued my run.  I met up with some friends at my turn around point and they told a story with the sun in their eyes, a crowd of zombies came at them covered in blood.

We would run right through the zombies on our way back.

The canal is popular on Saturday mornings, especially with the team in training type groups training for the many winter races.  But there are never that many people to look like a crowd.  The mass of people up ahead could only be


The first zombie  ripping pieces of brain that he held in his hand came at me.

I screamed.

Reserved strictly for roller coasters, I have a piercing scream.  My family has heard it. John has heard it but not many other people have heard it and those on the roller coaster get off and look around and talk about the person screaming. It's the perfect zombie scream.

I screamed when I ran past the zombie dragging her bloody self on the earth.

I screamed when the zombie started screaming and running after me.  (As he's screaming and running he asked how I could do that.  Obviously there is no long distance running in zombie land and multi- tasking of screaming, holding out hands AND running, is not practiced).

I screamed when the three teenage zombie girls came at me.

When I got to the coffee shop to meet other friends I asked if they saw the zombies.  They had not.  One runner said he heard screaming and wondered if  he should go back and help.  I smiled and said that was me screaming.

Somewhere on youtube is a video of a runner screaming hysterically as she runs through a zombie attack.

Watch out for the zombies.

Update: I found the video of the zombies on the canal.


Giorgio said...

I have heard of robbers and dogs attack during a training session but not of zombies :)
Have a nice weekend!

Running Through Phoenix said...

Small world. I passed the hoard just as they were setting up. Hilarious to see a zombie running down the canal holding a sign, and petulant teenage zombie girls waiting for their cue. I may have just missed you at the coffee shop. Do you go to HJ afterwards? Are you stalking me? Are you a ZOMBIE??!!????

Johann said...

Now that is something different! My son would have loved to see it. He enjoys anything Zombie.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell if this was real or fake til I read the other comments. How funny!

lindsay said...

I'd freak!! And then crap my pants and be eaten by the 'zombies'. I do not do well with scary things, lol.

Kenley said...

Haha. just got dun watching walking dead. I hear there is a zombie run app too. i would hmmmm i dont know but glad to see u r still alive. lol