Thursday, November 29, 2012

Need a Unique Gift for a Runner? How about a Toe Condom?

10 Gift Ideas for the Runner In Your Life

Do you fret over what gift to buy the runner in your life?

You know they love running because the running schedule is tacked over the kiddo's latest crayon drawings.  And they won't run on a dirt track or a rainy day because they have new shoes they don't want to get dirty.  And they have more than enough tech T's because races (at least the bigger ones) provide a tech T and the drawer is already crammed with cotton T's covering every color of the rainbow.

So what do you buy that runner that will make them jump up with joy and give you a great big hug?
  1. A gift with safety in mind, is the Road ID. Road ID is identification worn as a bracelet, anklet, necklace or on the running shoe with contact and medical information about the runner. The anklet and bracelet styles are great for the triathlete going from water, to bike to road. I wrote a post about Road ID which includes coupon codes that are kept up to date.  Priced around $20 this is a great gift for the  runner, you and even your dog. (yep, they have a style for the dog too)
  2. A race entry fee to a local race is sure to get you a thumbs up.  Make a day out of the gift giving a race entry followed by breakfast or lunch.  Or design a weekend out of town around a race.
  3. Nite Ize has an awesome, super bright arm band to wear when you want cars and others to see you in the dark. At $12 this will slip easily into the Christmas stocking.
  4. Guys, sorry this next one is just for girls.  Lululemon turbo speed shorts are extremely comfortable and the perfect length covering the butt cheeks. While a little pricey at $54, maybe only one may makes it into the running clothes drawer but that one pair will be coveted. Rather than wear the shorts for a short, solo run around the block, it'll be pulled out time and again for the longer runs or group runs.  Gotta show off the cute shorts when others can admire them too.
  5. If Lululemon shorts were for the gals then nipple guards and toe condoms are for the guys.  Nipple guards prevent bloody nipples and can be worn "for multiple runs over 72 hours".  Now that's getting your monies worth out of a product.  Toe caps, AKA as toe condoms, protect the toe and toe nail from blisters and black toes.  During Ragnar Wasatch my girlfriend successfully warded off black toenails using the toe condoms. 
  6. Every runner loves new socks and aren't always willing to spend the money themselves for new socks. Runner socks range from $8-20 a pair so grab a pair or two to give to any runner in your life.
  7. Carrying small things like keys,phone, Chapstick or GU is easy with the Spibelt. The non-bouncing belt is a must have rather than cramming everything into pockets. The styles range from $20 to $30 with original styles to waterproof versions and even a spileash for the dog.
  8. On cold nippy days, running gloves with the thumb fabric being soft for wiping running noses is a must. Running gloves today also have special fabric on thumbs for touch screen like the iPhone.
  9. Garmin running watches range in functionality and price. Only need to track miles and pace without all the extra bells and whistles try the Forerunner 10 at $130. Needing to go from water to road?  The Forerunner 910XT is your watch for $449. With many more watches and varying functionality and price the runner in your life will love tracking miles and paces with a Garmin.
  10. Compression socks are still popular touting recovery miracles. There are many brands to check out...Zoot, CEP, Asics, CW-X, and more.
My fav's are the hot pink CEP socks which I proudly wear in memory of Sally Meyerhoff

Happy Running!

note: I have not been compensated by any company to mention their product.Other than the toe condoms and nipple guards, I've used the products I listed as gifts and recommend them. 


Johann said...

Nice list! And yes, nipple caps will be welcomed :)

Jamoosh said...

Once I switched to Injinji toe socks, I never got another blister.

Giorgio said...

all those "running tools" are useful, Christina! The gift I like the most is the super bright arm band, considering that in Winter I run three times a week in the dark ... I sometimes finish working late.
Have a nice weekend!

Black Knight said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and family.