Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain + Color = Wet Color Run

Rain is something that happens in other places in the country.  In Phoenix it doesn't rain it spits.  Unless of course you sign up for a Color Run and it rains and rains and rains.  The color ended up being a muddy mess (think of adding every color of the rainbow, mixing it in water and dumping it on yourself).  Despite the rain me and my co-workers had a fantastic time.

For The Color Run everyone wears a white shirt and at each 1K, a different color is thrown at you.

Michelle and Trisha are thinking about being a blueberry for the next Halloween
The plastic bags we were wearing were ditched because 1) we were already soaked anyways, 2) what fun is it if you're all covered up?  It's all about the color!

Not only did I want to color my shirt blue but also my hand and Trisha's face too.  Actually she managed that herself by wiping her face with her wet, color ridden glove.  Even after showering when I got home I still had blue on my skin and in areas that weren't directly touched with blue. I wonder what Trisha's face looks like now?

At the blue station there was so much water we tromped through giant colored puddles and I couldn't help but jump through the puddles.

Sandy, Karen, Christina, Michelle, Paulina, Trisha

We are already planning on next year participating but hopefully no rain!

Happy Running!


Kerrie T. said...

That blue puddle looks like a lake!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Somehow you managed to pick up the least amount of color. I want to do one of these!

lindsay said...

i think rainy weather would be great for a color run!

Black Knight said...

In my opinion that is the best weather for a color run.