Thursday, February 14, 2013

Las Vegas Rugby Seven's

Three years ago in an attempt to get good girlfriend points, I sat with John for two days of a Rugby sevens tournament in Vegas.  With nothing better to do, I kept score and became engrossed with the game and surprisingly discovered I loved it.

Last weekend we froze our butts off in Vegas watching three days of Rugby. This year I had a fancy new camera I got for my birthday and took pictures of the game.  On Friday night I was able to sit at the bottom of the stadium steps, dangle my legs into the field area and use the railing to rest and steady the camera.  I practiced capturing pictures with hopes that some would turn out sharp enough.

Rugby is quite brutal and physically tolling on these athletes and I love capturing the expressions and pain from the players when they are being tackled.

I love this picture because the Kenya athlete on the bottom looks surprised to be in that position.

 In this picture there is so much going on.  On the left you have Fiji player hitting the ground so hard he's cringing from the impact, the red headed England player running towards the action with England trying to take the ball from Fiji.

Looking through my pictures I realized I really like the tackle pictures better than the running pictures.  I have hundreds of pictures to look through and I'm sure I'll have many more that show action, emotion and pain.


Johann said...

Super! As you know our Springboks form South Africa don't do to bad with this. So it is nice to see this post. Now you must one day go watch a 15 a side proper rugby test between South Africa and who ever to get some true physical and painful expressions. Have a great weekend!

Black Knight said...

Thanks for this post on rugby, my favorite sport. I follow the rugby 15's as you know because here the 7's is not popular.
Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.