Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Blogathon

The WordCount BlogathonLast year in May I participated in my first Blogathon.  For a month I blogged everyday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  This year I thought I wouldn't be able to participate because of my long vacation in May and then I found out the Blogathon is in June.

When I registered I needed to say my goal for the 2013 Blogathon.  Duh, to blog everyday, right?  But it is more than that.  My unrealistic goal is to be happy, to blog and figure out my life.  My realistic goal is to get out of non-blogging funk, if only for one month and blog about my Peru trip.  I enjoy writing and blogging but lately adding one more thing to my list is overwhelming.  It's not like I'm a busy bee flirting from one activity to another, it's stagnation because I don't know where to start, what to do, how to start, how to finish so I do nothing. It's a funk.  My second goal is to find a different reader since Google Reader is going away and I haven't made a switch yet.  If you're using a reader, what are you using?

If you're interested in challenging yourself to blog every day, follow this link and sign up.  It's free and there is a great group of people to meet.

Happy Writing


Running Through Phoenix said...

Bring us the Peru stories!

Christy said...

I switched to Bloglovin' and Feedly, and like Feedly more. Neither are as good as Google Reader in my opinion, but that could just be because I'm so used to Reader.

I'll probably be blogging everyday in June too, doing that run/blog everyday challenge again (Juneathon). Good luck with your challenge!

Johann said...

I'm consideriung this one. Maybe I should venture into the challenge. Will let you know if I do.