Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cusco Peru

Historic Cusco ranks as my favorite city to visit next to Barcelona and Florence.  I love the tiny narrow cobblestone streets and jumping from the street onto to 12 in sidewalk to avoid the car whizzing by honking it's horn.  The little shops beg you to come in and look at their alpaca scarves, wood carved animals and silvery jewelry even though most of it is mass produced in a factory somewhere, probably china.
One of the courtyards at Hotel Rumi Punku
Michele in one of the many alleys
School girl working on homework next to "store"
Custom dress shop
John, Scott and Michele by Inca wall
Cusco plaza
Giants puppets
Cusco street
We only had 1/2 a day to explore Cusco since the following day was an all day tour of the Sacred Valley and the day after that was the start of our 5 day/4 night trek to Machu Pichhu through the Saltankay pass.
The Company of Jesus Church (La Compania de Jesus)
Sunset in Cusco
If you've ever been to Mexico,  a steady stream of children will approach you for money or selling chicklets (gum). In Peru, on every corner is someone dressed in Peruvian dress, usually with an alpaca, asking if you want to take a picture, which of course you pay for.  One young girl got her picture taken and pocketed the dollar bill in one smooth, fluid motion. When the same person took another picture of the same girl, her hand went out again wanting more money.  

The inside of the Cusco Cathedral (Cathedral of Santa Domingo) was gaudy yet beautiful with all the ornate gold stolen by the Spanish from the Inca's.  In addition to the gold, silver and jewels, hung artwork and I found the Last Supper painting quite humorous since in the center of the table was cuy, better known as guinea pig.  And for those wondering minds, no, I did not eat any guinea pig but I saw a number of restaurants listing it on their menu.

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