Friday, May 24, 2013

Return from Darkest Peru

The first few days back from Peru I hesitated with what to do with the used toilet paper.  Two weeks in Peru trained me to throw teepee in the garbage, instead of flushing down the toilet,  along with always having with me toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  The process of incorporating myself back into civilization by going to Lima to fly home, was met with tears and terror and days later I long for the simplicity and lack of responsibility I experienced during my adventure vacation.

When I told friends I was going to Peru their comments ranged from 'are you hiking michi uku' (or some other horrible pronunciation of Machu Picchu) to 'did you draw the short straw for vacation locations'.  When friends Scott and Michele invited us to join them to Peru, I jumped at the opportunity.  I knew nothing about Peru but loved hiking, the outdoors and traveling with Scott because as sole owner and customer of Honey Bee Travel, he loves figuring out all the logistics and I do is show up and hope I didn't pack too much.

Our Peru vacation was a two parter in extremely different environments.

Part 1 consisted of a two days in Cusco to acclimate to the altitude of 11,200ft before beginning the 5 day, 4 night trek  over the Saltankay pass as high as 14,760ft and ending up in Machu Picchu.

Part 2 threw me into a hot, humid, buggy environment for 4 days in the Peruvian Amazon sleeping under mosquito nets, seeing macaws flying overhead and the wild night sounds of the jungle.

Over the next weeks I'll share my pictures and stories from my awesome vacation.


Running Through Phoenix said...

Did you eat guinnie pig?

Black Knight said...

Welcome back. Cannot wait for seeing the pics.

lindsay said...

sounds awesome already! i can't believe people would think that's a "bad" vacation spot. i'd love to go there!