Sunday, June 16, 2013

All Aboard. Taking the Backpacker Train from Machu Picchu

Our trek included the train from Aqua Caliente back to Cusco but only at a specific time, 6:15pm.  If we wanted to go back to Cusco earlier, we'd need to change tickets and pay the increased fare of the backpacker rate to the upper class.  Steerage is ok with me and I had more time in Machu Picchu.

Unneedingly, we rushed thru Wayna Picchu to get to Aqua Caliente and get our laundry that we had washed at the hotel.  We knew it wouldn't be cheap to get our laundry done but wouldn't have time in Cusco arriving at 10pm and weren't sure there would be sun in the jungle for laundry washing.  We got back in plenty of time and had to wait for our laundry to finish anyways.

Back to the train ride, we boarded the train and the announcer said something like you'll get a snack with your fare.  I thought that was awesome because I like food and thought on the backpacker train we wouldn't get a snack.  I dosed off and the next time the announcer said something I looked up and saw the cart and put down my tray.  The lady pushing the cart, put the cart at the end of the aisle, slammed up my trey and walked to the end of the train.  I guess I didn't get a snackum afterall.  Some music and  story started and blah, blah, blah I wasn't paying attention.

The music picked up more and this colorful creature came down the aisle jumping around and making faces.  Wait, that was a animal face or something I was seeing.

A wild animal wearing a circus costume jumped around and got the crowd involved.  I did not want to be dragged out into the aisle to dance and fortunately I wasn't.  When I make a fool of myself I want it to be my choice.

The announcer said something about a fashion show and I thought this animal is NOT a fashion show. Next thing I know the woman, who didn't feed me a snack, was at the front of the train demonstrating how to wear this beautiful scarf different ways.

 She was beautiful and was enjoying the fashion show much more than handing out snacks to those in steerage.  She made it look so easy to change the clothing into many looks.

But the fashion show wasn't just for the women(well actually it was), there was a male model too.  He also was an employee of the train and was more modest and shy.  He was embarrassed to be the center of attention and having all these women hooting and hollering for him.  The more the women hollered for him, the more embarrassed he became but I couldn't help myself.  I often embarrass John when I show my playful (he would think annoying) side and John slumped further in his seat as I cheered the male model on.

What I thought was going to be a boring train ride that would let me take a nap, turned into a fun, enjoyable trip back to Cusco. Who would have thought riding a train in Peru would be so fun and eventful.

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