Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 4 of the Saltankay Trail- Hiking to Aqua Caliente

The 4th day is my favorite day.  Not only was the hiking that day easy but it was also my birthday.  For my birthday I received an avocado (fallen from an avocado tree), a Delta book light (thanks Marty), a birthday cake with orange frosting made by the cook for breakfast, the first glimpse of Machu Picchu and a SHOWER.   Think I was excited about the shower?  

The 4th day was only a 10K of flat, easy hiking along the train tracks. As we got closer to Aqua Caliente, we saw more hikers walking towards us, towards the train station to save money, stray dogs and litter, lots of litter.

I don't know if naked neck chickens are native to Peru but I saw many of them.  I met my first naked neck chicken at the Tour de Coops in Phoenix, Arizona where chicken owners open their yards and coops to visitors and we visit, learn about chickens and other sustainability actions the owner is doing. On the 2012 tour one person had a flock of naked neck chickens which looked outrageously funny.  I had never heard of them or seen them and yet in Peru I saw many naked necks.

 Along the tracks were shops and this lady was just opening up her shop filling a bowl with potatoes.
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I think I must be quite odd but I like photos of the backsides of people.  Below is one of my favorite pictures.
 Being closer to town, we came across many stray dogs that followed us hoping for a handout. John is carrying one of the many bags of garbage he picked up along the trail.

First peek of Machu Picchu at the top of the mountain.

And a zoomed in view.

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Johann said...

So interesting and exciting! I love the part on the rails!