Sunday, June 9, 2013

Santa Teresa Hot Springs

Everyone looked forward to the third day when we could relax in the Santa Teresa Hot Springs.  It was a short ride from our campsite to the hot springs with the driver and the owner of the van.  He charged 5 soles per person, per direction and to me that seemed like easy money.  Once there we climbed out of the van, paid our 5 soles for the hot springs and changed into our suits.

Showering was required first and we avoided the cold showers for the hot showers which was overflow water from the pools.  An employee stood guard and made sure everyone showered first and didn't wear shoes in the water.  He wasn't dressed to dive in and save anyone if they needed help but the water was shallow anyways.
 The first pool and third pool were the medium temperature pools and the middle pool was hot.  There was also a pee pool for the children.

After hiking for three days the warm water soothed my muscles and bones. The bottom of the pool were large rocks which massaged the feet.

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