Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day Three of the Saltankay Pass-High Jungle

The third day of the trek on the Saltankay continued through the high jungle.  Water was plentiful and waterfalls were everywhere.
Crossing one of the many bridges
John and I 
This flower when cooked right creates a hallucinogen which causes the person to vomit profusely in colors but become very wise.

After leaving our second campsite we walked along a road till we picked up the trail again.  This gentleman with his mule trail was walking down another road towards us.

The trail through the high jungle
Along the trail were mini, wild strawberries.  I asked Hector if they were edible and waited for him to pop one in his mouth before I enjoyed the sweet, red berry.

 We had the opportunity to eat passion fruit.  Hector handed us a hard, small orange sized piece of fruit and showed us how to open one but cracking it on his skull.  Once open, you suck out the seeds.

At one of our snack breaks was a small store and picnic area. At first I thought Kelly had found a black dog to pet and then I realized it was a pig.

On my hunt for the bathroom I spied a kitten in a building (not sure if it's really a building since you can see the outside between the boards).  I grabbed my camera and stepped inside the building nodding to the two people inside watching me.  I felt I needed to pay them for taking a picture and stepping into their house and gave them a granola bar and fruit leather.  The gentleman asked me if I spoke the native language, or at least that I think he asked me.  Shaking my head and smiling I left leaving the food with them.

Lunch on the third day was our last meal with Kelly and Colin.  Kelly and Colin were on the 4 day trek and would drive to Aqua Caliente once they left us.  The trip was Kelly's 40th birthday present from Colin and a complete surprise.  Colin told her they were going on a trip but nothing else.  He helped her pack and would say yea or nay when she'd hold up something to bring or not.  Kelly learned where she was going on her mystery trip after making it through security by talking to the agent at the gate.

I like this picture because the local gal just came over to Colin and watched him fill out his survey.

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