Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Things About My Trip To Peru

My vacation to Peru was absolutely wonderful and I would go back in a heart beat.  There are so many great moments but here are some of my favorites.
  1. Connecting with the people on the trek and the guides.
  2. Seeing the children smile when I handed them candy.
  3. The sunset on the way to the lodge in the jungle.
  4. Wearing rubber boots in the jungle and hearing them pull against the thick mud.
  5. Hearing the animals in the jungle come to life at night.
  6. The wonderful, flavorful soups on the trek and the lodge.
  7. Walking the small, brick laid streets of Cusco.

8. Having the cook make me a birthday cake and surprising me.
9. Looking back over the pictures and remembering the vacation
10. Kayaking in the jungle and seeing the birds and the anaconda.

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Johann said...

An awesome list of an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing it all. I really enjoyed it and now I am even more determined to get there one day.