Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top Ten Least Favorite Things About My Trip To Peru

Even though the 12 days in Peru was one of the best vacations, there were moments that can't be classified as favorites.

  1. The mosquitos and giant bugs on night 3 on the trek flying around while we were waiting for dinner.
  2. The watered down lemonade and hot chocolate on the trek
  3. Saying goodbye to new friends on the trek
  4. Not being able to pee outside of the tent at night and walking to the bathroom.  There were no rules against it but when there are 5 tents lined up and possibly 12 people that could wander up, it's best to use the facilities.
  5. The young, obnoxious college students in other groups (our group was awesome) being loud, drinking at stops and smoking at the top of Saltankay.
  6. The high school student on the plane from Puerto Maldonado to Lima.  They were LOUD, talked the entire time and gave me a such a bad headache and I was about in tears by time I got off the plane. 
  7. Thinking we were short on time at Wayna Picchu and rushing back when we had plenty of time.
  8. Driving around Lima without headlights on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. 
  9. Not seeing any parrots at the parrot clay lick
  10. Trash along the trail and John says it was women's toilet paper (of course boys wouldn't leave their TP). As we closer to Aqua Caliente the amount of garbage and the number of trash bags John filled up increased.

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Johann said...

Garbage is a huge problem everywhere. Someone told me the other day that Mount Kilimanjaro is filled with garbage and sewage.