Monday, February 10, 2014

Ugh....Back to Work

Ack! Tomorrow I head back to work.  Three weeks off of work after carpal tunnel hand surgery and I don't feel ready.  The lists of things I wanted to do, the peace of relaxation after being bored and the organization of the closets didn't happen.  Time went so fast and unfortunately much of the beginning of it I couldn't do much because of my hand.  

On the topic of my hand, it is healing quite well albeit very stiff and uncomfortable in the morning.  It is still challenging to hand write but typing is pretty good. Was three weeks off long enough?  Tomorrow will tell. 

So now that my "vacation" is done, what's next? First I need to get into a routine again.  Maybe with a routine and my lists I can feel sane.  Oh, scratch that...that's a fluffy concept that doesn't seem to really exist.  I'm hoping to get into a running routine, an evening reroutine of attempting to be productive and stay up on paperwork (famous last words spoken every year.) 

What do you do to stay balanced?  To prioritize and keep up with the never ending tasks? 

I'm off to make dinner, feed the kitties and ponder what my first day back shall bring.

Happy running!

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