Monday, February 23, 2015

Ack! I'm a Jogger

We've all had the conversations on the difference between a jogger and a runner.  I would bristle if someone referred to me as a jogger.  And yet now, I'm pretty sure I'm a jogger just out there to say I exercised and burn some calories.

You haven't heard much from me because I'm not running much.  Back in August shin splints (posterior) on the side of my leg (not the front where shin splints are usually located) started plaguing me.

I run maybe 2 times a week and what used to be 4 miles is now 3 miles. On my 3 mile run, I realized I'm now a dreaded jogger.  My pace is super slow and I don't have motivation to even be out there running.  I run about 1.5 miles and then after that it's a walk/jog on the way back with more walking than running. I'm definitely a jogger now.

I've put off PT for numerous reasons but after realizing the shin splints aren't going away on their own, I'll be heading to PT in March. Maybe I'll regain my runner status with PT.

Happy Running! (not jogging!)


Emily W said...

I do hope you get that mojo back! Or, find something you like better?

Christy said...

Boo shin splints. I had them in my right leg and it turned into posterior tibial tendinitis. PT did help, however! Also looking through past race recaps helps me find my mojo. Good luck!

Johann said...

I'm sure you'll be back as a runner but in the mean time being a jogger is still the next best thing. :) I'm very close to being a jogger currently myself.