Saturday, August 8, 2009

Go John Trail

On Saturday and Monday I got an opportunity to run the Go John Trail in Cave Creek. I always forget how much harder running trails are as compared to just running. I always remember the feeling of following the trail, the lightness in the steps and the overall joy of being outside running in nature. What I forget is the work it takes to push up the hills, watching footing for the uneven ground and stepping gingerly on the rocks.

On Saturday there was a "cold spell" and it was wonderfully cool for the summer and no humidity. Starting at 6am and running the trail counter-clockwise, allowed us to run in the shade created by the mountains/hills. In order to make the run closer to 8 miles we ventured off into State Trust land onto the Maricopa Trail for about 10 minutes before turning back to continue on the Go John Trail.

When I first moved to Arizona 9 years ago I missed the green hills and trees of Northern California. It took a few years but now I see the beauty in the desert. I am envious of my fellow runners Lesley and Ashland Dave when they talk about when they run on trails in the forest. But they are missing out running in the relentless sun, watching out for jumping cactus and of course rattlesnakes.
While running on Saturday I quickly realized that running trails works the glutes and by the middle of the run my butt was feeling the long run on trails. On Monday when we ran Go John, but clockwise this time, my butt let me know that it was still there and hadn't fallen off despite the abuse from the Saturday run.

Overall two excellent runs and I'm so happy to be running again and loving the muscle aches I feel again. Yes, I know this love may be short lived but for now. I'm loving it.

Happy Running!

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sneakersister said...

I would LOVE to be running on some of those trails in Arizona. It is so gorgeous there! Too bad when I was hanging out in AZ in my 20's I wasn't a runner. I did hike, though, so I did get to enjoy the trails.