Saturday, August 15, 2009


This weekend I'm John and I are visiting his sister in Portland, Oregon. Being in Oregon is wonderful because its so much cooler. Although John's sister apologized for the overcast weather, I was estatic with the cooler weather. It was so cool I actually wore a sweatshirt during the day.

Without having to get up a 4:30am to run and beat the heat, I was able to sleep in till 7:30am. John and I laced up our shoes and ran through the tree lined streets of Portland. Old houses painted brightly had columns and porches. We ran over to a park where we saw many runners and bicyclists. My Garmin must have turned on in my purse yesterday so the battery was dead so I'm not sure the exact mileage but we ran for 1 hour and 4 minutes. I felt strong for most of the run and finished with a sprint at the end.

Portland is very close to the Nike headquarters in Beaverton. John’s sister was recently laid off from Nike (she was the marketing person for Lance Armstong) and was able to get guest passes to the Nike Employee store.. I bought a pair of Nike Free’s 5.0 and Lunar Glides. I also bought a bunch of running clothes. I didn’t need any more running clothes but how can you pass up buying authentic Nike product at 50% off in the Nike employee store? I had so much fun shopping. Go Nike!

Happy Running!

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sneakersister said...

Okay, I am totally jealous that #1 you got to spend the weekend in Portland and #2 you got to shop at the Nike employee store. Very cool weekend!