Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LBI - 18 Miler

The Long Beach Island 18 miler race was last weekend. With my sprained ankle I was unable to run it but I was support for John, Jen and Robert. It was tough watching them get ready for the race, seeing the runners and want so badly to go running with them. This is the 4th race this year I have backed out of due to injury. I'm starting to think maybe running marathons isn't something I should do. Is it more important to me to qualify for Boston or to keep running?

Long Beach Island is in New Jersey and is, you guessed it, 18 miles long. The course is beautiful running through the coast towns. The race started at what seemed like a late start of 10:30am. There were 14 water stops along the way but they weren't evenly spaced. Some were 1/2 mile from each other and others were 2 miles apart. I think wherever the location of the sponsor was on the course was where the water stop was.

John, Jen and Rob all did awesome. It was the longest that Jen ever ran and now she's considering a marathon since she only has 8 more miles to run and ran the 18 miles very strong. Great job!!


Swim, bike, what? said...

How fun would it be to be able to say you've run around an entire island!!

Hope your ankle feels better soon! Glad it doesn't feel as painful as it looks!

RunToTheFinish said...

Oh I always love fun new races especailly distances I"ve never done!! Check out my post today... there might be something for you