Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trying to be Positive and Not Panic

I had an awesome 20 mile run on Saturday.  I ran comfortably and strong pretty much the entire time.  Besides the small fall at mile 18.39 miles (gotta love the Garmin), it was a very successful run.  During the last mile I started feeling something in my knee and thought it was the IT band.  I JUST had the realization the knee ache must have been related to the fall.  DUH!  Why didn't I think of that sooner?  Anyway, the rest of the day the knee ached and I took 2 days off.  I ran some on Tuesday morning but turned back because of the knee.  Yesterday I did a bike ride thinking the low impact would be fine for the knee, it wasn't and yesterday the knee ached even more.  The problem is the knee has discomfort when I walk too so I'm getting worried and trying not to panic.  The discomfort is more at the front and along the knee cap than the side of the knee, like IT band.

I have the Tucson half marathon in 9 days and its a downhill course and can be tough on the legs.  I'm frustrated that I feel like I'm at this point of injury AGAIN.  I don't want to play victim but when is it get to be someone else's turn?  I get running and then come to a stop.  I'm hoping that the days off and the long run I'll be skipping this weekend, will be enough to put me to the starting line.

The other thing that bums me is that I may not make the 1000 mile goal for 2010.  I need 20 miles a week through the end of the year and I may not get all the miles in.

So everyone please sending healing vibes and if you have any suggestions for me, please let me know.


Lesley said...

Sending healing vibes and hugs your way, for sure!

Jenn said...

Hoping this is one of those taper injuries that magically disappears when the gun goes off! Positive thinking right! Rest is likely the best medicine for now. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck!

Lisa said...

Oh no, I hope it's just a bruise or something really minor. Why do injuries have to happen? I'm sending healing vibes to you.

joyRuN said...

I hope it's nothing serious!

I only have 20 miles left this year to hit 1000, but this ankle is preventing me - I feel your frustration.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Uh oh! Sorry to hear about the fall but way to go with the 20 miler! I can't wait to reach that distance one day, I've heard it's an amazing feeling :)

GISRunner said...

Some positive thoughts from NC coming your way! Like Amber, I'm looking forward to reaching those long distance runs at some point in the future, too ... good luck & hope your knee feels better soon!