Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Running Question Challenge - Have you had a DNS?

Have you ever had a DNS (did not start)?

Last weeks Running Challenge Question was Have you had a DNF?  So this week is it appropriate to ask have you had a DNS?  Last week someone told me about a DNS they had where they were actually in the corral and jumped out getting their first DNS.  It takes a lot of courage to recognize running a  race will make an injury worse. To jump out in the midst of all the runner excitement in a corral is simply amazing and takes a lot of self discipline.

I’ve had a number of DNS's with four happening last year.  In March I had an IT injury that caused me to drop from a half marathon, a full marathon and a relay race.  Then in October a sprained ankle caused me to drop from an 18 miler and drop from a full to a half (which worked out really, really good in the long run).  These DNS's are not easy to go with the flow and look at the silver lining.  Being injured is bad enough but to add insult to injury,  there is the lost money too ( you know, my missed prize money.  haha!)   

In two of the cases I was able to still get my race packet and T-shirt since John was running the race.  My role then becomes runner support.  Dropping him off at the start, cheering along the course or delivering a GU are all helpful.  I'm also am cheerleader for all runners.  I love calling out their number, clapping for them till my hands start to sting and telling them 
Great job
Doing great
Looking strong
They can do it
(I don't tell them you're almost there because I hate hearing that when I'm tired and people telling you that  have no idea what their talking about anyways.  )

Seeing the people perk up a little and smile makes it all worth it. They can do it!  Although a DNS stands for did not start, it doesn't have to stand for Did Nothing but Sulk.  

Happy Running!


Kerrie T. said...

Ack! Hope I don't have a DNS or a DNF any time soon!

Ewa said...

I am a queen of DNS:
this March: mil dies the day before 20mi trail run,
last October a marathon - me: flu 104F, puking and barely able to move
two other marathons: emergency trips to Poland: 1. my father dies, 2. mother breaks her leg and nobody can take care of her.
I think I should stop signing up for races because they make bad things happen. There.

Katie A. said...

Well, since you already mentioned my DNS, thanks for the shout out :)
You're right though, it takes a lot to be able to see that running a race injured, no matter how much you want to or how much you paid for it, isn't smart. It does make you stronger though!

Jamoosh said...

I had several DNS right after I blew out my knee. I still had three marathons I was signed up for - doh!

ajh said...

I have had DNSs. If I am close by I go get the t-shirt. After all I paid. I don't know if I remember them all. One was an injury. One was a college graduation. When I tell people that they wonder how I could not know when my daughter's graduation was! It is a long story and brings in politics which I assume people avoid on blogs! But it was worth the DNS that is for sure. (She graduated twice - a ski down in Feb. which was the most awesome graduation ever. The other one was the formal one that the Febs. could attend if they wished. She wasn't going to until the speaker was announced.)

Johann said...

I love your attitude towards DNS and the Dis Nothing but Sulk is brilliant! I've had my share of DNS's and will post on my blog later this week.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

No DNS's or DNF's for me yet! Good points about the sulking and cheering the other runners on!

Anonymous said...

Yup, definitely have had a DNS. I still regret it.. I think. It was this fall and it was going to be my first 10K ever (I still have yet to run one, I feel like that distance although so popular is so hard to find in my area!!) and I was overly stressed out with everything in my life, mostly school. My mom (who always knows best) said the race was just too much and I shouldn't do it. I mean, at the time it was probably the right thing to do because instead I took care of myself and was productive.. but I wish I could have had the time to run it.

akjenniekt said...

I have had a DNS- it was last year and was going to be my first half marathon (at Seattle Rock n Roll first half marathon). I hadn't been training much and most likely would've walked most of it. My sis and I were going to do it together (I flew in from AK) and the day before the race I got an awkward "injury" (and even in bloggy land it's a little too embarrassing to write) and wasn't able to race. I was pretty bummed since the whole trip was planned around it. Oh, well - here's to this year's half marathon success :)!

lindsay said...

i had a "DNS" kind of for a relay i was supposed to do last fall. i had been feeling nauseated/dizzy for about a week (NOT pregnancy) and didn't think i should be running in the dark alone or riding around in a van all night. it was a bummer, but not the end of the world. it was a last minute thing anyway - i was just supposed to fill in for a team member who had dropped out.

Jamie said...

I haven't had a DNS yet but I'm sure it will happen at some point. It does take a lot to be able to see that a run may not be the best idea. It's so easy to push through it because of our pride and money spent!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

I have had a DNS, 2 in fact. one was last year when we were in the process of moving to Miami and then I recently posted about not doing OKC because some friends backed out and it just got too expensive

Anonymous said...

Wow! just had a DNS - my first 100K (miwok 100k on May 1st). I had a minor surgury done which is taking much longer to heal.

No DNF yet, but DNS seemed much harder because I was training for the past 3 months and this was my first 100K